New Self-Publishing Course – Book Hackers

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New Self-Publishing Course – Book Hackers 101

Hello everyone, just a quick post today to tell you about a new course launching by my dear publishing pals Tammie and Cindy. It’s called Book Hackers 101 and though the “early bird”, special rate, is about to end, it will still be good value – even at the next price point. I just signed up for it myself, and I know a few people in my circle have too.

Even though I teach people how to create and self-publish books using Canva and Amazon KDP, my training is bespoke, live and broad. This Book Hackers 101 will be more meaty with tutorial videos, sessions and an upsell group option for support.

Besides, my knowledge, for things like Amazon Ads is flimsy at best. So I am truly looking forward to picking up some new pointers from these book experts.

“What will I learn?”

If you are wondering what the Book Hackers 101 course covers, here’s a rough outline of the contents of the training.

BH101 will be looking at how book hacking can help you get the most out of your books, pinpointing your audience, research tactics and attracting eyeballs to your books. It will provide you with a resource to create books that sell while building a sustainable business. Book Hackers ACE (Audience, Content and Eyes) it on every book they create—and so can you!

So essentially they’ll cover all the main aspects to what self-publishing entails.

Go here to book your spot now

Book Hackers podcast with Tammie and Cindy

Follow the Book Hackers Show

In addition to the Book Hackers 101 course, the ladies also have a podcast, the Book Hackers Show, where they interview all kinds people across the publishing industry. I’ve even been a guest on their podcast! On it I tell of my publishing journey from my first self-published book in 1998 to my 206th book this month!
Where to listen: You can find their podcast on Apple or Spotify or Google too (and probably anywhere else you listen to your pods, I use Podbean and it’s there too!)

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