Totally Content Books - totally scottish and totally 80s books

Totally Content Books

Totally Content Books was established in 2021 to release a variety of passion projects.

The book so far under the Totally Content Brand:

The Totally Scottish Word Search Books

There are two versions: Big and Wee. These both contain different searches but the same 1200 words! The books have categories like Scottish TV, Music, Castles, Places, Comedians, Writers, Whisky and more. There are 100 hundred different puzzles in each book so why not grab both? The Big one is my best seller (of over 200 books published!)

Totally Content Books Presents Totally Scottish Word Search Books

If Scotland is not your thing then there are the ’80s inspired books…

This is Totally ’80s Books

The Totally ’80s books were done in partnership with the Totally ’80s syndicated radio show. You can read a bit more about the 80s books in this post. If you want to pick up a copy of them you can head over to

The first book was a Word Search book with 600 bands or artists from the 1980s. The second release was an updated version of my 1998 book Essentially ’80s Pop Quiz. It is a smaller version both in size and number of questions.

Totally Content Books presents this is totally 80s books

This is Totally ’80s Blank Lined Journal

There is actually a third book, seldom promoted, which is a blank-lined notebook. I have customised it with super-cute-’80s motifs at the bottom of every page. Here’s a wee sample of some of the pages found within the totally ’80s composition book.

Totally Content Books - sample of 'This is Totally '80s Composition Book' - with eighties motifs

This is a great gift idea for anyone who likes blank notebooks and loves the eighties. It will remind you of your old school days and hopefully bring back some good memories.

In Summary

Currently working on a few more books under the Totally Content Books brand. One new title is a Scottish music and movies activity book. The other is another 80s music pop quiz book. It is my intention that these books I create spark joy and nostalgia in all who purchase them.