My New Book – Totally Big Brit Hits of the 80s

Totally Big Brit Hits of the '80s

My New Book Totally Big Brit Hits of the ’80s

Early May, I began focusing on a new book project called the Totally Big Brit Hits of the ’80s. It’s a large print, adult activity book and my 207th book uploaded to Amazon. I thought I’d fill you in on the journey. The project came about as a way to celebrate thirty years of living in Britain (and 35 years since I came over for the first time).

Sometimes You Just Go With It

When I started out with this book project, I did not have a plan or destination. I just knew I wanted it to be ’80s-related and Top 50 UK chart hits. So I began typing all of the hits of the eighties into a spreadsheet. Several weeks, and thousands of single and album entries later, and I had my data. Once you have the data you can make all kinds of use of it. Word Searches, Word Scrambles, Wordoku and quizzes too.

I still had no real plan but I just kept going where the inspiration was leading me. When it came time to put it all together I actually had over 400 pages. Oops. So I had to do some shuffling, editing and omitting to get to the five-section book we see today.

For the book I used three programs…

  1. Canva: The book cover, quizzes and matching the artist to the band were all made in Canva. Most things can all be done in the FREE version of Canva but the one thing I used that was a Canva Pro feature was I created the ‘Brit Hits of the ’80s’ text and downloaded it as a transparent graphic that I could use in…
  2. Merch Informer. Merch Informer has heaps of features that are useful, but I primarily use it to mask my text. So I uploaded my title graphic and put the Union Jack into the letters. That’s a technique called masking. I would guess it took me a few hours to get it the way I wanted it.
  3. Aududu Book Creator: The final tool I used was Aududu to create the super fun puzzles. The 1000+ word searches, the band scrambles and the wordoku too.

Wanna Try the Programs?

I am proud to be an affiliate for each tool so if you want to try them out yourself – you can sign up for a FREE 45-Day trial of Canva Pro here.

Merch Informer is a mega big tool and worth a lookf if you want to get creating merch and want some awesome tools to help with research especially. (Their sister site Book Bolt will be useful). You can try out either and use my special code (Podinscot) to get a deal. Merch Informer here and BookBolt.

And of course Aududu has an amazing array of options for book creation – log books, all kinds of puzzles, journals, etc Try it here for a year and lock in at that low rate for life!


Unboxing Video

Video Transcription (unedited)

Hey everyone. It’s Thea here. And I have just received my brand new, totally big Brit hits of the eighties activity book. It’s not even opened yet. And I thought I would do an unboxing. So let’s see what it’s like. I’m actually half excited and half scared, cuz I don’t know if it’s gonna be total. It’s fat.

It’s heavy. It’s big. Okay. So cover, uh, made in Canva, but the Brit hits of the eighties was made in a tool called, um, Merch Informer where I can use it to mask the, you know, I put the union Jack inside the, uh, the words Bri hits of the eighties. I’ve had a little bit of help with, um, the cover with RD assist who’s on Instagram.

So check out her stuff here is the back cover. It’s a bit glossy. So it’s, it’s shining through and I did a little record on the spine, right? Okay. So inside I can show you the inside haven’t even seen the inside yet, so I don’t know how it’s gonna be. So the quizzes were made in Canva and. Then we also used, or I also used, let’s see if I can get to it.

So actually I made some match the artist to the band, uh, section also made in Canva, of course, all free elements in can. And then I used a Dodo book creator to make some, uh, word scrambles. So these are all UK hit singles that are just single word, hit singles. And I also did some word Duku again, single word, uh, band names this time, right?

So six letters each. So I have to guess on who those might be, then we’ve got the answers and then we’ve got the word searches and there’s over a thousand bands are artists all top 50 UK artists. And then we have the answers. So, you know, it actually looks pretty good if. Kind of flick through and show you I’m kind of pleased.

So I’m a way to kind of copy check it and see there there’s bound to be mistakes in it. And I’m sure even when I copy check it and fix those, there will still be mistakes in it. So feel free to, uh, email me books at totally content dot, dot UK to point out my mistakes. Um, but overall I kind of like it.

It’s pretty big. It’s. I think it’s retailing at close to 10 pounds and like $12 or something. So it’s kind of,  it’s a, it was a lot of work. It took me a couple of months. I did them mostly on grooves as any, anybody that follows me will know that I use a tool called or an app called groove and. The people have just become my, my, my champions.

And so I have a little link that you can see at the back of the book that you will be able to scan the QR code and, uh, download the app anyway. I’m pretty happy. It’s done. It’s not perfect, but “done is better than perfect”. So check it out, available only on Amazon at the moment. Buy for now.

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