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Want to Build a Free Website in Canva?

UPDATED April 2024: Canva Sites is now Canva Websites. After a few false starts and changes they’re slowly rolling out to all users across the summer.

Do you want to build a free website in Canva – quickly and easily? Then this post is just for you. The Canva Websites (formerly Canva Sites) feature is rolling out across the summer of 2022.

Ok, the big news is that Canva has just started to roll out its brand new, one-page, mobile-friendly website builder! Even better, it features almost all of the design options and features that you have come to know and love when creating your content in Canva (e.g. adding photos, icons, graphics and video with one click).

Note this Canva Sites different to the old option for building a website in Canva. Old version had page options top right. You had basic options for publishing your site (eg. presentation style, standard, scrolling).

Old Canva Website Option - Navigation Right, Publish Website old options

New Canva Sites Navigation is Top Left. New options for publishing websites gives you domain options discussed below.

New Canva Sites - Navigation Left and Publishing Options

Choose Website (Beta)

(Soon) To find the Canva website templates, you will search for ‘Website (Beta)’ in the top search bar OR find it in the purple navigation bar at the top of your desktop. Note: Currently not showing up there but it will be back…

Canva Sites is launching with thirty template options – with more than six times that number rolling out in the coming weeks/months.

There are templates for many occasions – think weddings, retail, events etc.

Simple Uses for a Free Website in Canva

While at the moment, I’d not recommend ditching your entire business website for this new Canva option…It’s an awesome opportunity to create a quick site (or landing page) to promote an event, wedding, party, products, portfolios, restaurant menus, link-in-bio sites, and so much more. Really there is no limit to the types of single page (or landing page) website you want to create.

For my first one, to test out the feature, I’ve created a landing page for Totally Content Books – my publishing company. I already started a basic WordPress site but just never got round to building it out. At the moment it’s not a website I am looking to build out, so it makes sense to use it for this, for now. (I have not published it yet but will do so and add the link when I do!)

Other Things to Note about Creating your Canva Sites Site

  • Canva Sites features just about all of Canva’s normal creation features – easy editing, drag and drop – you can even adjust the pages to be as long or short as you want. (Long – maybe a list of many products. Short – think a website footer)
  • You can have unlimited content on your website (text, pics, vids, graphics etc)
  • It’s available for both FREE and Canva Pro* users
  • With a FREE Canva account, you’ll be limited to how many sites you can create.
  • With Pro you can create as many as your little heart desires
  • There will also be added functionality for Canva Pro users too
  • You can test how your FREE website will render on mobile, table and desktop by clicking “preview” at the top of your browser/screen.

Domains - Free, Use Existing or Buy a Domain from Canva3 Ways to Publish

  1. You can publish directly to the web with a FREE domain name that will end in (then I’d suggest you use a link shortener to make it more pretty!)
  2. If you’re a Canva Pro users, you can connect your domain, purchased elsewhere, to your Canva site.
  3. You can actually buy a domain to use with your Canva website. I had heard it was only dot-com but when I searched, other extensions were there.

Domain Options for Canva Sites - Free, use your own, buy oneHave Any Questions?

It’s all pretty new, and rolling out this month and next, but if you have a question that I can’t answer, I’ll ask in the Canva Certified Creatives group to get an answer for you. OK?

Go Pro Now in Canva (FREE trial)

If you are on the FREE version of Canva – why not grab a FREE Canva Pro trial here. If you don’t like it, you can cancel at any time. But with more photos, music, videos, icons/graphics, features etc – I don’t see how you’ll ever go back. But hey I am biased as a Canva Champion… 🙂

PS: Finally, before you go, head over to my links page for all my top recommended tools and creative resources…

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