Building Your Brand Using Canva

Building Your Brand and Promotional Graphics (using Canva)

Building Your Brand & Promo Graphics (Using Canva)

Updated April 2024 – My dear friend Jay now does these webinars for Business Gateway as I no longer do any sessions for BG.

I have been asked to create and run a new webinar for building your brand for an organisation here in Scotland. The session is quite broad and aimed at SMEs (small to medium enterprises). The content aims to demonstrate the importance of a brand. I talk a little about what a brand is, what branding is and how they are different. Also on the webinar we walk through the importance of having one, and what factors make up a brand identity and strategy.

What is a Brand?

In the workshop/webinar, I ask how people would define a “brand”. I share some industry definitions. We discuss what it is and what a brand is not.

A lot of people cite “a logo” as being a brand. It is not. A logo, short for logotype, is a Greek word meaning, well “word” (also “reason,” or “plan”). It’s a part of the over all branding but it is not a brand in and of itself.

Wikipedia’s defintion:

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark.

What is the Difference Between a Brand and Branding?

A lot of people seem to confuse the terms brand and branding (I’ve been guilty of using them synonymously myself). Let’s define them in the most simplistic terms for the post.

Doing research for this webinar, has been illuminating…I’ve bought books (e.g. Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier), watched countless videos on youtube, and read articles and white papers. It’s been a crash course on the subject.

Originally branding started out as a way of showing ownership – as in branding cattle. In the 1950s, the father of Advertising, David Olgilvy, coined the term branding – which was adopted by advertising agencies.

the brand is the what the mark represents, branding tends to convey more the visual identity.

Again that’s quite a broad definition.

The Whole Branding Process

For the second half of the webinar, we talk about all the factors that are part of the overall brand strategy. These are things like: the brand’s tone of voice, personality, message, purpose and promise.

We also use Canva to create a brand style guide. This is for the brands identity. For this webinar’s intents and purposes the guide contains the colour palette, fonts, imagery, graphics and logos. It also has space for values, message, brand archetype. It came straight from Canva itself so you know it’s good.

Every attendee gets their own access to the FREE Style Guide template that they can go away and fill out in more detail – whether they’re a one-man band or a larger enterprise. It’s a useful exercise whatever your size. At the end of the style guide is a link to for the delegates to take advantage of my Free Canva Pro Trial.

Summary – Have You Got a Brand Style Guide

I will admit I’ve never really bothered putting one together. I have spent the last six weeks or so thinking almost non-stop about brands, branding, style guides and identities. I’ve especially been thinking about it from the ‘This is Totally ’80s standpoint. I’m super excited to share more about the ’80s book project but more on that later this week.Ok? Ok. Until next time, I’m Thea saying “see ya”.

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