Canva 2024 – What Would You Like to See?

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Canva 2024 – What Would You Like to See?

UPDATED: April 2024 – Ahead of this year’s Canva Create. I’d like to know what would you like to see for Canva 2024? Is there some cool feature that you would like Canva to rollout this year? What do you wish you could do that you can’t?

I have already blogged about this Canva feature wishlist last year, I thought I’d start the conversation up again. Some of those wishes have now been implemented.

Recent Rollouts

In a December 2022 post, which you may have missed, I talked about some awesome new rollouts. Things like Element Timing, Video Playback speed (allowing you to speed up or slow down your video footage) and more.

This quote was a comment on that aforementioned blogpost last year about having a Canva feature Magic Wand.

Canva Wishlist

Kiralee wrote:

I’d love to be able to fill text with an image (eg: use a gold foil image to give my text that effect). I have been searching high and low for whether there is a way to do this and have been unable to find a solution thus far!

I agree with Kirralee B – being able to mask text and images would be awesome. Canva’s frames are amazing, of course, but it would be great if we could do it with our own fonts and graphics.

I have a few phrases I start off every Canva training session with and one of them is “with Canva there are many routes to get to the same destination”. There are usually backdoors in Canva or “hacks” that people can do just about anything in it. For instance if you want to Canva mask clipping you can achieve it to some extent. Like to get that “gold foil image” Kirralee wants – you can watch this Canva tutorial.

There are actually a number of Youtube tutorials that demonstrate that. Simply do a search about masking text in Canva or similar phrases.

Canva Verified Experts

I’d love to see a Canva Training certification to become an actual “Verified Canva Trainer” – which I see as being different to the Canva Verified Expert status I currently have. I get a lot of questions about the Canva Verified Experts and how to join it or become a verified Canva Expert…Bottom line from Canva is:

The Canva Verified Experts is currently invite-only. For consideration, we recommend you start by joining one of Canva’s communities as Community Managers and other staff nominate people throughout the year.

Basically, I tell people to join one of the Facebook groups (Design Circle or Champions) and get on Canva’s radar. I also recommend building an audience or portfolio that clearly demonstrates your expertise.

In Summary

Thank you for stopping by the blog. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Hope we all have some great features in Canva 2023. If you have been considering upgrading to Canva Pro, why not use my FREE Canva Pro Trial Link You may also having a scan of my links page. There are all kinds of recommendations for tips tools and trials for business, creativity and productivity.

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