Unleashing Your YOU-ness with Canva’s New Brand Voice Feature

unleashing canva's brand voice - woman with mouth shouting into mouthpiece.

Canva’s New Brand Voice Feature

In the vibrant world of branding, consistency is key. Ever found yourself wishing for that consistent ‘you-ness’ throughout every piece of content? Your wish is Canva’s command! Introducing their latest feature: Magic Write combined with the Brand Voice tool. No longer just about colours and logos, Canva now offers a way to ensure your brand’s personality shines through in every design and document.

Brand Voice in Canva - the canva.com/magic landing page in a laptop screen mockup.Exclusive to Pro: Brand Voice

Brand Voice is exclusive to Canva Pro users (don’t worry, a Canva Pro free trial link awaits below), this tool enables you to craft cohesive and consistent copy that mirrors your brand’s unique voice. Whether you want your content to ooze playfulness, sophistication, or anywhere in between, Canva’s got your back.

For businesses striving to amplify their brand, content creators seeking a signature style, or those simply obsessed with streamlined branding, this is your next step up. Stick around, as I’m about to show you, with detailed screenshots, how I’ve been exploring and setting up this fantastic feature in Canva.

Brand voice in Canva - set it up to always be consistent. A screenshot of the Canva Brand Kit on a laptop screen mockup.Find Your Brand Kit

I start off every Canva training session with: “your Brand Kit is always your first port of call in Canva”. Well, if you’re using it for business anyway.

On your desktop you can find the brand kit on the left-hand side of your screen. There, if you haven’t already, you can upload your logos, graphics, photos, and even fonts.

Now if you scroll down near photos, you’ll see the option to add your brand voice. See the image below.

Here’s how you add your Brand Voice in Canva.
Screenshots of Canva Brand Kit - how to add your brand voice

Once you’ve input your Brand Voice, hit save. Now when you’re using Canva’s Magic Write feature, it will use your you-ness in the content it writes.

So you’ll always sound like you, consistently and effortlessly.

Ready to Upgrade to Canva Pro?

Again this is a Pro feature, so if you are not on Canva Pro, then take advantage of a FREE Canva Pro trial. Still unsure about the benefits of Canva Pro? Go here. Any questions? Let me know. Otherwise, go have some fun with Canva’s new Brand Voice feature!

If you have any Canva questions, please reach out or leave a comment. xoxo from Glasgow.

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