Canva Champions: A New Program for Affiliates

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Canva Champions: A New Program for Affiliates

Last updated April 2024 – Things are constantly changing with Canva 

Delighted to announce that I was one of the beta testers of the Canva Champions group. I thought I’d create a brief blog post explaining what the Canva Champions program is and what criteria you’ll have to have to become a Champion. There is not a lot of information out yet, other than what one can see on FB* now, but I do promise to update this post as the program develops and opens up to a new intake of champs in the camp.

Canva’s Affiliate Program

Canva has been running an affiliate program for a long time now (a few years or so) but there are changes going on behind the scenes.

As a Canva Verified Expert (formerly a Canva Certified Creative (aka a CCC), I used to offer my audience a Canva Pro link that was 45 days. but as of April 30, 2024 it’s now just 30. (FYI: The CCC program has now been disbanded.)

So I share this on my social media and at the end of my webinar slides and so forth. My followers are so special they get rewarded with two extra weeks and I get a share of the revenue. Win/Win. As you can imagine I used to promote that 45-Day free trial many times a week on all platforms so it’s a pain updating that link everywhere…Sigh.

Canva Champions - for Canva AffiliatesWho and What are Canva Champions?

Recently Canva opened their affiliate program beyond just us CCCs to include an audience of other people who are creating wonderful Canva content, or who are educators and so forth. This means that, once the program moves out of beta, people all over the world may apply and be considered for the Champions league, I mean program 😉 I do not know when that will be but the Facebook page reads:

“This group was created to empower, connect and support Canva Champions to help them grow their businesses and spread the word about Canva.” It goes on to say that who it’s for, “affiliate or a content creator who champions Canva’s mission to empower the world to design!”

As you can see, it needs to be for people who are promoting Canva in their work – educators, creators, YouTubers, bloggers, etc. There will be criteria to meet – just as there are to become a CCC.

Champions Program

Thought it was time to update this post as things have changed. You can now head to this Canva Ambassadors page to learn more.

By the way, when researching this post for you, I found this cool (different kind of) Champions page on Canva that is worth a look! Also see this new video I made and tweeted. Thanks for stopping by.

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