Canva Community Labs 2024 London Recap

Canva Community Labs 2024 attendees in London.

Canva Community Labs 2024, London Recap

On 30 May, I had the fantastic opportunity to attend (and speak at) the Canva Community Labs event in London, and what a day it was! Hosted in the London office, this gathering brought together Canva enthusiasts from all walks of life – from seasoned designers to curious newcomers. As someone who’s been a part of the Canva community for over a decade, it was thrilling to see so many people come together to share their passion for creativity and design.

Canva Experts, Ambassadors & Educators

There were three Canva Verified Experts in the room – myself, Darren from Better Content Creators, and Juls from Designer in Your Pocket. There were also a large number of Canvassadors and Creators too.
While I don’t know the exact number, it did feel like the audience was predominantly from the education sector. These attendees worked at schools, trusts, and so forth. Canva Education is not something I know a ton about, so even I learned a few things about that aspect of Canva. Naturally, AI in schools was a topic that was brought up, along with some safety concerns.

Magic, Mockups and More

My talk focused on Canva Mockups – both image and video – and I did a demonstration of Magic Presentations. I started off recommending that everyone, whether on free or Canva Pro, set up their brand kit and mentioned the difference between the two. Spoiler alert: Canva Pro Brand Kits rock, allowing you to upload logos, images, icons, graphics, colour palettes, fonts, and set your brand voice too.
Now you can even add custom brand voices in Canva Docs by feeding it your writing samples.

I demonstrated creating a print-on-demand graphic. My merch designs are always created in 4500×5400 pixels – whether it’s going on a T-shirt, mug, hoodie (or pretty much anything else for that matter).

Once the design was created, it was time to use the Design to Image app to convert it to an image in my uploads. I need it there in order to utilise Canva’s Mockups.

Video Mockups in Canva

After a quick demo of a T-shirt design on a mug, I put it on a video mockup. Now the mockups are not currently real video mockups but mockups that have a slight bit of motion. A computer opening up to show your website, a person typing at a keyboard, someone holding a moving tote bag, that sort of thing. We all know that video is where it’s at when it comes to our social media and ads, so it’s something, right?

Canva Community Labs 2024Other Talks & Q&A

Daren White and Laura Goodsell were the two other speakers. Laura is a Canva Creator who works mostly with small businesses. She spoke first about the new Glow Up dashboard, the Work Kits, and Bulk Create too.

Then Daren got up and talked about Canva Education – the benefits and some modern-day challenges (safety and AI among them).

It was a short panel with maybe ten questions. Most of the queries were about Education which Daren could field. There were also questions about Canva websites and other general Glow Up queries too.

Totes Amaz

A highlight of the day was the ability to make your own tote bag. Last year, I opted to make one about Ted Lasso, but this year, I knew ahead of time I wanted to do something to celebrate the launch of my new music merch-inspired Totally Content shop.

I debated two ideas – one that read “Choose Vinyl” and the other was my Totally Content logo. Jules, branding expert that she is, suggested I put the logo like a stamp on it. Amazing yet simple idea. I went with it and loved the result, so that’s going on my shop as the Choose Vinyl Signature Tote! Perfect for vinyl collectors.

A Few Last Words

Try Canva Pro for Free.

You may enjoy this recent post about Canva Create here.

If you haven’t seen Bulk Create in action, I did a short video (which I should probably update) on my Youtube channel.

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