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Magic from Canva Create 2023

Hello from London! Let’s talk about some of the Magic being unveiled at Canva Create 2023 – this month. There were too many updates for just one blog, so perhaps I will do a follow up – once I digest the updates myself…

In September 2022 – Canva unveiled all kinds of awesome new features and tools, so one would expect the same this year. I can honestly say that the first Canva Create 23 continues on with the magical shares of updates and new features alike. Are you ready?

Just Add Magic with: Canva Assistant

First up in the new releases this Canva Create is the Canva Assistant. With nothing more than a click of a button – you can search for all kinds of elements, access features fast, and you can even bring in some AI if you want to add that little extra zing to your designs.

To access your Canva Assistant – all you. have to do is look for the wee sparkle at the bottom right of your Canva editor when you’re inside any doc type.

As you type in what you’re looking for, you’ll see various suggestions popping up for you. Essentially this bad boy is your – “one click trick to open the door to endless possibilities”! Available on desktop, click the sparkles and hey it’s FREE.

Photo Editing Overhaul

Another exciting update in Canva is the complete user experience overhaul of photo editing. There are now simplified to just three tabs for Effects, Adjust and Crop.

After studying usage, Canva decided to move or, in come cases, remove some of the photo editing effects.

  • Re-editable Photos – this is a new and welcome update for me because I’m someone who uses duotone a lot and screws it up (e.g. swaps the highlights for the shadows and gets them the wrong way round). I love that I can now just go back and in and don’t need to start all over from scratch! Result!

New Canva Magic Tools

Say “Hello” to Magic Eraser, Edit & Replace – these new tools in Canva will rock your world.

  • Magic Eraser – is a new Canva Pro feature that will help you get rid of that unwanted garbage can or person lingering in the background of your photos. Get rid of those photobombing people from your treasured snaps.
  • Magic Edit – will knock your socks off. Seriously, this cool new feature will truly make you believe in magic. With a touch of Canva magic you either swap out or add something to your pictures with just a few strokes and words. INNNNCREDIBLE! Note: Just like in Text to Image, you can do 100 edits per day.
  • Magic Replace – Replace is a brand new feature allowing users to replace any image or logo across their designs.

But wait there’s more….

“Magic Design” – Wait, What????

Oh yes, and let’s talk about the brand new Magic Design where you can upload an image and start with a style and Canva will auto-magically create some personalised templates just for you.

Let Canva’s Magic Design spark your creativity and say “hello” to templates that are uniquely yours. All you have to do is upload an image or select a style. Magic Design will then do its thing to create you a curated selection of personalised templates just for you. It’s the simple way to visualise any design, spark some inspiration, or quickly discover templates that are uniquely you.


SmartMockups has had a make over too.

  • First of all it’s had a name change – they dropped the “Smart”.
  • They’ve been relocated. You’ll find them under Apps.
  • Also the way you make the mockup has changed – in a good way.

There are some more awesome features within Mockups that are coming down the pipeline which I will share once they’re released.

Music and More

How about new releases like Beat Sync, Brand Hub, Layers and more! There were just so many releases today it would take me another two days to update you on them all. It’s probably better if you take some time watch the replay to see them all.

Editing – New Adjustments

You’ll start to see some changes under the hood in the Editing suite. There are now features that enable edits to your foregrounds and backgrounds – independently! Oh my!

There have been some UI (user interface) tweaks to cropping, rotating, filters, aspect ratios and Auto Adjust too.

Which One Are YOU Most Excited About?

Ok so that’s a lot isn’t it? So much goodness unveiled in one day it’s a little hard to contain myself.

Let me know which one you find most exciting. Also if you’re a creative type and/or a business owner you may want to swing by my list of recommend links – tips, tools and so forth.

Read more about the Canva Visual Suite here.

Watch Canva Create 2023 on Youtube

Below you can see the whole show…It’s worth a zoom through to see their demos and features in action!

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