Recap Canva Create 2024 – Say Yo to the Glow

Canva Create 2024 Say Yo to the Glow - new updates in Canva

Canva Create 2024 – What’s New?

Hey everyone are you ready to Glow-Up with Canva’s new UX! Canva has just wrapped its Canva Create 2024 event yesterday. Did you see it? (It’s on Youtube but I’ll share some more comprehensive videos below).

This was their third Canva Create and there are a few fantastic updates to share with you all.

Their highlights unveiled were broken down into categories including: More Freedom to Create | Enhances on-brand editing | Upgrades to the Visual Suite | Enhanced collaboration | Supercharging Magic Studio. Whether you’re a seasoned Canva user or just starting out, these new features are sure to enhance your creative journey.

Note: For brevity, I am only focusing on the updates I find most exciting. I’ll share links to those who did more detailed recaps at the bottom. Each one is worth a watch! Also this post contains affiliate links.

New User Interface

The biggest change is the brand-new user interface, fondly called the “Glow Up”. It’s everything you know and love about Canva but with a fresh, modern twist. This new design is purpose-built to provide a more focused and immersive creative experience. The sleek and intuitive layout makes it easier than ever to navigate your projects and find the tools you need, so you can spend more time creating and less time searching.

Canva’s previous editor has been a game-changer, enabling our community to create a whopping 20 billion designs. But now, it’s time for a glow up! The beloved editor you know has received a series of small but impactful tweaks, making your design process faster and more efficient. The new side panel conveniently steps aside when it’s not needed, reappearing as you work. Your toolbar now intuitively suggests the best editing options based on your current design activity. See it in action as you animate the rocketship!

Magic Updates

Get ready to rock your creative world with Magic Media’s latest feature update – “graphics” generation! With just a simple text prompt, you can now conjure up the perfect graphical elements for your project. Need a snazzy storyboard, a vibrant illustration, or a set of funky icons? Magic Media has got you covered.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, our editing tools let you fine-tune it, add groovy filters, and more.

Magic Studio updates were fairly minimal, but Magic Grab and Grab Text have had a wee facelift. It now includes a “Brush” option.


Change your brand voice in Canva - using Magic Write - screenshots how to do that.Whiteboards and Docs

There have been some updates to both Whiteboards and Docs that are definitely welcomed. Let’s see what’s up with Docs first.

Canva Docs

For me, the standout feature is the ability to add page breaks and columns in Docs with just a click. Hooray!

You can also create an outline of your document and change the voice style with a click or two. These enhancements make the Docs experience smoother and more intuitive.

Other new features include highlight blocks, additional formatting options, AI-powered sorting, and highlight blocks, making it easier to create and organise your documents with style and efficiency.

Canva Whiteboards

Whiteboards have also been enhanced with AI-powered sorting for sticky notes, making it simpler to organise and prioritise your ideas. You can also now have up to 2000 elements in them! Oh my!

Video updates

There were not a lot of video updates to discuss but a few notable ones are “Highlights” and also “Enhance voice”. The latter is designed to clean up background audio. I’ve not really had cause to play with that but look forward to doing so.

No real new transitions etc were announced.

Tutorials to Watch

This was just to whet our appetite. I didn’t go as deep into everything as some did. So I figured if I really enjoyed watching my fellow Canva Verified Experts’ videos, then you might too. Here are just a few:

Let me know what you thought of the videos or indeed the new “Glow Up” interface. Some love it. Some not so much. Which camp do you fall into? As always, I recommend you have Canva Pro to make the most of Canva’s library and premium features.
You can try it for FREE here.

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