Canva Create and September Updates

Canva Create Live in Sydney 2022 and September updates

Canva Create – Sept 2022

Updated April 2024: A month ago Canva held its first public season opener Canva Create. During this show, they announced a variety of upcoming and recently released new features and updates. There was Canva Docs, Whiteboards, Video updates, Print Product updates and more. I won’t go over all of these but I did want to mention a few.

Canva Docs

For the past month I’ve been beta testing Canva Docs, which was officially launched at Canva Create. It allows you to “supercharge your content with text, visuals and data visualisation”. I kind of liken it to Google Docs on steroids. So by simply typing a slash / you bring up a menu that you allows you to search for content in Canva’s library.Hit your back slash to get the magic menu in Canva Docs

So by simply start by typing a slash (/) and you will bring up a menu that you allows you to add different options to your Canva Doc. Type in a word (eg. “computer”) into the search box for content in Canva’s library – including graphics, photos and images.

New Canva Video Adjustments

Say “hello” to some new awesome video features – including the video background remover and the ability to adjust all those things like: warmth, tint, light, colour and texture too.

Canva video updates - remove background and adjust your video
So you can really get your video looking how you want.

Please note that you will need Canva Pro to remove the background of your video but you can always grab a FREE Canva Pro trial using my special affiliate link.

Text to Image (Now Magic Media)

I have been having some serious fun with Text-to-Image (Updated to be called Magic Media in 2023).

You will find this feature under the “Apps” down the left hand side of your dashboard. It can be a wee bit hit or miss but it certain to give you heaps of fun trying out different words and phrases to see what it creates. The beauty is every design will be totally unique to you.


Canva Text to Image

Other Announcements at Canva Create

There were several other things talked about at Canva Create which may be of interest to you. They unveiled the Canva Visual Worksuite. This is essentially the culmination of  a decade’s work in pulling every kind of content together…Your documents, whiteboards, presentations, social media graphics, video and print products. Canva’s Worksuite is designed to assist in creativity, collaboration and communication.

At Canva Create, the Canva Websites got some showtime too

If you haven’t seen them, Canva Websites got some airtime too. Even in its early stages, over 2 million mobile responsive websites have already been created in Canva.

Other September and October Canva Updates

For October there are already a few new releases – some of which I am not yet allowed to speak about. The ones I am allowed to mention are as follows:

  • Upload your CSV files into Canva.
  • New Category Filters
  • Inport PSD files
  • New Print Product – “Bound” Documents (eg spiral)
  • Bulk Create (e.g. invitations or cards can be designed from your spreadsheet/csv)

In Summary

Well that’s about it for my Canva Create update. It’s an annual thing so bookmark that page!

Also if you are not on Canva Pro, go here to test drive it FREE here.

You may also enjoy my links page to find cool links to various business, creativity and productivity resources.

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