Canva Create is Back – LA in May 2024

Canva Create is Back!

Canva Create is an annual event hosted by Canva, where they unveil new features, updates, and innovations to their suite of tools. Back in September 2022, Canva held its first ever Canva Create event. Prior to this, they held what were called “Season Openers” every quarter or so in Sydney to showcase new releases.

However, the first Canva Create was a larger-scale event where all kinds of exciting new Canva features were unveiled, including Canva Docs, Whiteboards, enhanced Video capabilities, and Print integrations. We Canva enthusiasts (“Canvanaughts”) from all over the globe tuned in to witness the Magic as it unfolded.

I posted this post about the first Canva Create here.

My trip to London for a Canva Create watch party - meeting fellow Canva verified experts - selfies, the crowd and flags from the various countries - poland, brazil, england and scotlandCanva Create 2023 – London

For last year’s Canva Create, the London watch party experience was…suboptimal. It was held in a damp, dark railway arch with quite a bit of noise. Not exactly the ideal viewing environment! However, the highlight was getting to spend time with several of my fellow Canva Verified Experts in person for the first time since there were only around 25 of us globally at that point. While the viewing experience paled in comparison to being in the room in Sydney for the main event, it was still exciting to witness the unveiling of Canva’s latest “Magic” together as a community.

My blog for Canva Create 2023 blog is here.

Canva Create – LA 2024

In a major move to expand its presence in the United States, Canva is holding its first-ever large public Canva Create event in Los Angeles this year. While previous years were anchored in Sydney, taking the event to LA opens it up to a wider array of potential attendees, speakers, and creators based in North America.

At this year’s Canva Create, there will be 50+ speakers, 15 sessions and workshops. The keynote will highlight the best of the new Canva features. It will be taking place at Hollywood Park in LA on May 23, 2024 as an all-day event. Tickets cost $175 while virtual attendance is free.

Peg Fitzpatrick and Melanie Perkins on Canva Stand in San Jose, Thea, Peg and Mel - Blogher 2014
Women who’ve inspired me – Peg Fitzpatrick and Melanie Perkins

Who are you most excited to hear from?

While the main draw will certainly be hearing about Canva’s latest product updates and roadmap from the founders, (Cam, Cliff and Mel), the speaker lineup at Canva Create LA features some big names in the design, marketing, and entrepreneurship worlds. Among those scheduled to take the stage are influential figures like Guy Kawasaki, who I attribute as being the person who turned me onto Canva back in 2014 (but apparently it was his partner in crime and co-author Peg Fitzpatrick who turned him onto it).

Your Canva Wishlist: What New Features Do You Want to See?

As a devoted Canva user, you’ve likely envisioned new features or improvements to make the platform even better. Are you craving advanced photo editing tools? More robust presentation capabilities? Cutting-edge video editing and motion graphics?

Now’s your chance to rally the community and make your voice heard. With Canva Create being their biggest event yet, the product team will be all ears for user feedback. What newfangled tools or enhancements would supercharge your creativity and productivity?

Spill your Canva wishlist wishes – the sky’s the limit! Who knows, your dream feature could be next on the roadmap.

All the CC Deets

So the in person event is taking place on May 23, 2024 at Hollywood Park: 1011 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90305 from 9:30am.

Before you go…

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