Canva Creators: 5 International Template Designers Spotlighted

Canva Creators 5 Template Designers Spotlighted with a spotlight on the 5 all stars

The Canva Creators Program

If you’re a Canva lover like me, you’ve likely come across some brilliantly crafted designs and wondered, “Could I become a Canva Creator too?” Well, it could become a reality if you’re accepted into the Canva Creators  (CC) program. This talented bunch is responsible for millions of eye-catching templates, vivid graphics and photos that elevate our design game. And the best part? This program is a global affair, boasting creatives from every nook and cranny of the world.

Ready to embark on a journey into the heart of the Canva Creators realm? Strap in, design enthusiast, we’re setting off on a captivating exploration!

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Canva Creators: Crafting World-Class Content with a Global Flavour

Canva Creators isn’t just an initiative; it’s a global quest to curate the most fabulous and diverse content marketplace you’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect stage for designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, and those who just know their stuff to flaunt their brilliance to a whopping 85 million Canva enthusiasts. Best bit? You get to rock your role from anywhere, anytime, dishing out designs that inspire the world.

Here’s the Deal with Creators Programme:

  • Your Time, Your Rules
    Ditch the stress of tracking hours, nagging deadlines, and tedious admin tasks. With Canva Creators, you create when inspiration strikes – no more wrestling with pesky freelance paperwork.
  • Celebrate Your Unique Touch
    We’re dead set on curating the globe’s most eclectic content collection. So, show us what you’ve got! Design with your local lingo, sprinkle in your cultural flair and wave your nation’s flag proudly.
  • Cash in While You’re Cosied Up
    With Canva’s bustling marketplace up and running 24/7, 365 days, your designs are out there making money—even when you’re tucked up in bed dreaming of your next big idea.
  • Be a Goal Getter
    Hit your targets with standout designs! As part of the Canva Creators’ crew, your earnings come from how well your designs perform. So, whether you’re a freelance designer, an illustrator, or an art maestro eyeing some extra cash, hop aboard the Canva Creators’ ship. Start making an additional income by doing your favourite thing!
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3 Types of Creators

“How can I contribute to Canva’s Elements and Templates library”? Well, let’s talk about the three creator types available.

1. Template Creators
Are you in the world of graphic design, web wizardry, desktop publishing, or crafting standout layouts as an art director? This is your domain!

2. Element Creators
A haven for those with an eye for detail. Whether you’re snapping photos, illustrating, playing with typography, filming videos, or just expressing your artistic self – you’ll fit right in.

3. Education Speciality Creators
Calling all educators! If you have a knack for creating top-tier educational materials, this is your unique playground. If you’ve got the teaching creds and a passion for crafting resources, come aboard!

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Spotlight on International CCs/CVEs

Interestingly, many of my peers in the Canva Verified Expert community have also donned the moniker of Canva Creators. For this spotlight, I’ve chosen just 5 stellar talents to showcase. If you find this intriguing and want more, I’ll gladly highlight another 5 or even 10 in a follow-up. (A little secret? I’m one of the few who never ventured into the Creator challenge!) In no particular order, let’s go!

1) ANES-DESIGN (Poland)

Anes-Design Canva creative template designer from Poland
From the heart of Poland emerges a Canva powerhouse: Anes Design. Not only is she an esteemed Canva Verified Expert, but she also wears the badge of a ‘Creator’ with flair. Her creative prowess doesn’t stop at individual templates – she’s curated entire template packages that have become quite the sensation. Particularly noteworthy are her Standard Social Media package and her Max Pack.


Roger Coles My Social Designer is a graphic designer in the USA

My Social Media Designer, aka Roger Coles creates some pretty smashing templates. He’s recently created a fabulous course for Real Estate professionals.


Hadas from Israel Templates in English and Hebrew

Big shoutout to my dear friend Hadas, who’s made more than a few appearances on this blog. Watching her stratospheric rise in the Canva ranks over the past four years has been truly inspiring. Her I Canva Canva channel has both English and Hebrew tutorials. She’s reaching audiences across the globe with her bi-lingual Canva Templates too. Love this gal and all she does!

4) ROBSON BOLIVER (Brazil/Ireland)

Rob Boliver Brazilian in Ireland designs in Portuguese

Like me, Robson, aka Rob, journeyed thousands of miles from his homeland. Hailing from Brazil but now in Dublin, Ireland, he stands tall as the leading Canva Creator and Verified Expert for the Brazilian market. With a staggering 400,000 followers on his YouTube channel, it’s simply astounding. While I might not speak a word of Portuguese, there’s no denying that he’s top-notch! Find Rob’s templates are here.

5) Socially Sorted (Australia)

Socially Sorted Donna Moritz Canva Creator and Certified Expert from Australia

Rounding off our list is the OG Canva Creator, Donna Moritz from Australia. This trailblazer stands out as a visual content strategist and the mastermind behind the award-winning blog, Socially Sorted. With an astounding 10 million template downloads and counting, Donna’s mark on the Canva world is indelible.

Honestly, there are at least a dozen more fellow CVEs who are creators that I can recommend – Nicky, Melissa, Darren, Eugenia to name but a few. So I’ll save them for the next post! Stay tuned!

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