Big Update: Canva Download Button Now Under Share

Where the F**K is Download? Canva Download Button moves and now found under Share

Where the F**K is the Canva Download Button?

Transcribed tutorial follows as there’s been a slight UX update of the Canva Download Button.

You can watch the video here or simply read the post below which walks you through a few things as well as the Canva download button move.

“Hey everyone. It’s Thea here, I’m a Canva a trainer and an affiliate based in Glasgow, Scotland. I just want to do a super quick tutorial because a few people have been asking “where the hell has the download button gone?” Ok we’re in Canva now. So just to show you now. I just created a simple Instagram graphic to demonstrate. The Canva Download options are now found here at the top, right. Under Share. First we can share the design with people…“We can add people in, we can put in their email address, et cetera. Um, and then we can change whether they can, you know, how they can access it and what they can do. If we, you know, once we have something in, we can change it so that they can edit as well – depending on what you need to them do,

Canva Download Button Disappeared - it's under Share Now


What Else We Can Do Under Share

That’s not what we’re here to talk about. Below that we’ve got some options for sharing to our Instagram and scheduling. Scheduling is a Pro-only feature. Um, but where the download is now, it’s just here under download and. All our options are still there. PNG JPEG PDF PDF print, SVGs pro only am I’m MP4 and GIF.”

Share Directly to Your Social Media (For FREE!)

And if we go back, we can also share on social so we can share directly to these various social media channels. Um, free account works to share directly to them. If you want to schedule up here this top one, you see the crown is there. That’s a pro only feature. So you would need Canva Pro. I can offer you a 45 day free trial. (Good through 2022).

Canva Share to Social Media options for free and pro

Canva Print Options

Going back again. I just wanted, there’s also the option to print your designs. Under ‘Canva Print’, hundreds of different types of products, et cetera, with more coming, I think, across the year here and last but not least the more, the more with the three dots, always in canvas and excitement under the more with the three dots.

Find Canva Print options under the Share button top right

What Else is Under Share?

So we’ve got some options here. We here’s where our present is. Now, present and record. We can also save to different folders from in here. We can embed it, all that sort of stuff. We’ve got our social media channels again, here. We can save it to places like Google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft one, drive, PowerPoint and Box. (I didn’t even know what Box is, but whatever).

You can type in options at the top so if it was like MailChimp or something you can type in, in the search box.

Canva More found Under Share ButtonMore,…

Okay. Now again, mentioning the fact with the More with the three dots. I just wanted to show you that always up here. Under the more with the three dots over in your task bar, you will see that there are tons of things under the more with three dots. So it really is worth taking some time and exploring all the options here. Like have you had to play with the character builder

Have you had a chance to draw something where you can actually use a pen and draw? Right. Okay. Anyway, that’s not what this video is about. Really. Just want to show you where the download was, but there you go. I think that’s it for today till next time.

I’m Thea saying “see ya”.

In Conclusion

Well this UX update did surprise me a little this week. I find it way more SHARE even confusing, and it now takes a few extra clicks to download anything, but oh well. First world problems right?

You can learn a little more about my Canva journey in a transcribed interview I did for the CCC community in 2020. If you haven’t had a play with Canva’s Quick Create, have a quick read of thisCanva Quick Create Step by Step Post.

PS: I highly recommend that you swing by my totally awesome Links page featuring – recommended tools, resources, freebies, trials and more!

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