Five Minute Firesides with Founders: Canva Expert Nicky Pasquier

Canva Expert Nicky Pasquier - in a Five Minute Fireside for Thea Newcomb

Meet Canva Expert Nicky Pasquier

On today’s Five Minute Fireside with Founders, I’ve reached out to fellow Canva Expert Nicky Pasquier. She’s my UK Canva sis, so I asked her along to tell us a bit about her background and passions. (ED NOTE: Links to all the other Canva Experts’ Firesides* at the bottom of this post!)

Your Name: Nicky Pasquier

Location: Cheltenham, UK

Business Name: Virtuoso Assistant

Tell us briefly about your background and experience…

I graduated from Exeter University with a degree in English Literature, but didn’t know what the heck to do with it.

After eventually working as a Legal PA/Legal Exec for 16 years I quit my day job to start my business. Kind of foolhardy really given we were at the height of a recession and I had no business experience.

I discovered Canva via Donna Moritz and decided I wanted to design like her! Still not as good as her but I’m making a good living from the comfort of my own home designing Canva templates and creating educational videos for my YouTube Channel.

How did you first hear about Canva/when did you join? And When did you become an ambassador?

I joined a free webinar with Donna Moritz and the rest is history!

I became a CCC in November of 2018.

ED Note: Donna Moritz is a fellow ambassador and ex-CCC like Nicky and I!

What are your fave features in Canva? What feature could you not live without?

Canva animations and transitions; video editor and Canva presentations. I’ve given quite a few talks now about how to use Canva presentations for business.

Share a few other, (non Canva tools) or resources you recommend.

Evernote – when I first used it, it wasn’t that special. But it’s obviously developed over the past five years and has so many wonderfully useful things to aid productivity and make life a as a freelancer so much easier.

I use other design software such as Easil and Visme (I’ve recently taken their presentation design course).

SquareSpace websites and Mailchimp for email marketing.

Follow Canva Expert Nicky Pasquier on her Youtube Channel - channel on laptopWhat sort of Canva business do you have?

I have a growing YouTube channel which makes me good money per month teaching people how to use Canva.

I’m also a Canva affiliate and  I also make money from Canva templates. I’ve just got in to Print on Demand so that may be something to explore this year as well.

Where can people find out more about you?

People can find me on my website, my Youtube channel and my templates on Canva.

Before You Go

Hey thank you for stopping by to read about another Canva Expert.

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