Five Minute Firesides with Founders: Canva Expert Nok Werner

NOK WERNER - Canva Expert showcase on Thea's Five Minute Firesides with Founders

Meet Canva Expert Nok Werner

Welcome back to another spotlight on Canva Experts. Today is one of the newer brand ambassadors, and she joins in being one of the first ever, twenty-five Verified Global Canva Experts.

Your Name: Nok Werner

Location: The Netherlands (Originally from Thailand)

Business Name: Digisign Studio

Tell us about your background…

I was born into a normal family, one that had little connection with the design world. My parents run a garage business in a city not far from Bangkok. As a high-school student, I’d always been interested in learning something new and had left my family to study alone in Bangkok.

I studied science and French as a minor in high school, as well as science and Japanese at university. It was not a normal choice among my friends. I participated in a class without any of friends, but I knew exactly what I wanted. I enjoy both science and art.

My unique perspective came long ago, as you might see in my designs as well. Having worked for several years for a company, I finally realised that I enjoyed marketing. I could study anywhere (in places) that would cost less. I read books for a year to enrol at the best university in Thailand. That’s what I did. My discipline showed me I can do anything I want. I worked as a manager in marketing for a Japanese company. Life was so perfect, but I was still curious to know how much more I could do in life. I decided to leave everything and go to Japan to improve my Japanese, and to challenge myself before moving to the Netherlands.

When did you first hear about Canva?

At the beginning of 2021, my sister said to me, “Let’s try Canva, it’s is easy to use, and everyone can do it”.

When did you become an Ambassador for Canva?

I became one this year, in 2022. Before, I really had no clue about it, but I’m so happy to know that there is finally someone to see what I did.

What are your fave features in Canva? What feature could you not live without?

My favourite features are removing the background and resizing. I use it in all of my designs since it saves me a lot of time.

3 other non Canva tools or resources you recommend?

In addiction to Canva I would recommend using other video apps, because we still can’t adjust the video speed in Canva, and that’s something that is needed for all video lovers. So apps like InShot and CapCut.

The last one would be Muzli for inspiration.

ED NOTE: I had never heard of Muzli..but it looks pretty interesting for inspiration! Thanks Nok!

What sort of Canva business do you have?

My journey began with selling Canva templates. I have two main stores at the moment; one is on Etsy and the other is for the Asian market.

I also provide coaching and consulting for all newbies and businesses, have my affiliate link for all Canva lovers, speakers. I do some client design work for social media.

My online course and eBook are coming, as well as some influencer work for a few different brands.

Where can people find out more about you?

I’m mainly active on Instagram. Other platforms are my target this year as well. You can find my information on my website, my Instagram and Facebook.

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In Summary,…

Well that wraps up another in my series of Five Minute Firesides with Founders. It was such a pleasure to learn more about the background and Canva experience this “New Kid on the Block”, Nok Werner. She’s done amazingly-well in such a short period of time.

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