Five Minute Firesides With Founders: Sandee Sevilla Canva Expert

Canva Expert Sandee Sevilla

Meet Canva Expert Sandee Sevilla

Today I am delighted to be back with another Fireside with a fellow Canva Expert. This time it’s Sandee Sevilla. It’s a brief chat to get to know her Canva story. I hope you enjoy it…

Name: Sandee Sevilla
Location: Leyte, Philippines
Business Name: Sandee Solutions

Tell us briefly about yourself Sandee

Hi! I’m Sandee Sevilla! I’m a mother of four from the Philippines. I took a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering but dropped out in my 4th year. I started working I used to work as a technical support representative for various telcos (like AT&T and Comcast Xfinity) for 7 years before I finally went to start working as a freelancer/virtual assistant. Then I transitioned into doing Canva Design projects.

How did you first hear about Canva/when did you join?

I discovered Canva way back in 2016 as part of my VA task. My client was looking for someone who would design a poster for his real estate business. I volunteered since I love designing so much. But, I didn’t have enough skills in Adobe and I certainly couldn’t do it using a Microsoft Program.

I knew there were website builders that had drag and drop features, so I thought, ‘there should be something like that for design’. So, I Googled ‘online poster maker’, and voila! There was Canva.

I fell in love with how easy it was to use. My client loved the outcome and started showing it to his friends. And from then on I started receiving design requests to be done in Canva.

When did you become a Canva ambassador?

Way back in 2018, I was among the first people they invited when they just started the Canva Certified Creative (aka CCC) program.

Ed Note: There is no longer a CCC program.

What are your fave features in Canva? What feature could you not live without?

My favourites are the “Tidy up” and the “Background remover” those are such time savers. I can’t live without the two of them.

For someone who does huge design projects like ebook and planners, “Tidy up” is my saviour, it makes sure everything is aligned and equally space. While the background remover helps me design covers and scroll-stopping social media graphics that stand out.

Name 3 other non-Canva tools or resources that you recommend

  • Adobe Acrobat – helps me create fillable PDFs after I do the design in Canva.

  • Pinterest & Instagram – for design inspiration and to check what’s on trend.

  • Screencast-o-matic – screenrecorder and video editor for my tutorials.

Find Sandee Sevilla templates on Canva
Click the pic to see all of Sandee’s templates on Canva

What sort of Canva business do you have?

I do various things around Canva. I have a Canva design business which provides custom design solutions to female coaches, course creators, social media agencies and entrepreneurs. I am also an Expert Speaker (Companies, organizations and schools hires me to conduct Canva training for their communities). I am also a Canva Creator, so I design templates for Canva itself.

Where can people find out more about you?

People can find me:

On my Sandy Solutions website over on my Facebook page or on my Instagram.

In summary

Thanks so much to Sandy Sevilla for taking part in this Fireside with Founders series.

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