New Canva Experts and Canvassadors Programs

New Canva Experts and Canvassador Programs

New Canva Experts and Canvassador Programs – March 2022

Big news Canva lovers and especially anyone who aims to be a Canva ambassador! After some changes, e.g. the disbandment of the Canva Certified Creatives program, Canva’s back with something new. Just launched are two new Ambassador groups – Canva “Experts” and “Canvassadors”. In this post,

I’ll focus primarily on the Experts group, as I became one of the first twenty or so Canva Experts in the Canva Champions group on Monday. (Am proud to be the only one in Scotland, and one of just a few in the UK on the whole).

OK, so a few dozen (of the 170 or so) former CCCs have been split up into one category in one of two different Facebook groups: Canva Champions and Design Circle. Then there are two options within each FB group – Expert and Canvassador.

UPDATE April 2022: Now there are actually experts in the Creators group too…

Canva Expert and Canvassador Badges March 2022The New Canva Ambassadorship Programs

I suspect if you’re reading this, then you are pretty interested in becoming a Canva Verified Expert or ambassadors. Am I right? Each community program (Design Circle, Champions etc) has a slightly different structure for their Canvassador program.

Canva Experts are a distinct title for a certain group of Canvassadors within the Champions Program, and then there’s the general Canvassador title in the Design Circle.

Each come with its own badges as you can see above. (I took those words from a Canva person directly in response to a question).

Meet the First Batch of Canva Experts

Here are some of the first inductees into the brand new Canva Experts program (Champions group). I’ll be inviting many of these amazing cohorts to feature on this very blog in the coming weeks. So keep an eye out for that. They are all so talented, interesting and diverse (and many have become dear friends over the past few months!)

You can find Brenda here, Alicia on Instagram and Ayodotun on Instagram.

Note: I have also featured Brenda in my Five Minute Firesides with Founders series.

I also hope to collaborate with the other Canva Experts on some fun and exciting projects in the near future…

A few more of my fellow experts – Diana has an incredible Youtube channel in Spanish (and one with her other half which I’ll share shortly). Sara does some pretty great Youtube tutorials which are worth a perusal.

I just love Sandee’s Instagram feed. It’s so beautiful that I often just share her stuff to my stories instead of reinventing the wheel.

Canva experts - thea, sandee, diana and sarah

A Few More Global Experts…

Ronny, from Belgium is arguably one of the most well-known Canva educators and is proper OG. Together with the aforementioned Diana, they run Design with Canva on Youtube and post incredible content a few times a week.

Definitely worth a gander. Onuoha signs everything with idab which stands for I design and brand I believe. Follow Onuoha on Instagram.
More new Canva Experts from March 2022 - Ronny, Robson, and Newcomer Nok
Nok is the new kid to our “Expert” crew but not new to creating awesome Canva content, obviously. Swing by her insta here.

Last (in this bunch) but not least, my Portuguese pal across the water (in Ireland) is Robson. Rob’s smashed more than 100,000 subs on Youtube now. Incredible. I can’t understand a word he’s saying but this man knows his stuff (as does everyone on this post!)

Four More Fab Experts of the Canva Variety…

The next batch of fabulous Canva experts includes Joanna, Darren, Hadas and David.
My fellow fabulous Canva Experts - Joanna, Darren, Hadas and David
A few more of my fellow friends and ambassadors...Joanna from Savvy Chic Designs is also a Kajabi and Branding expert. My buddy Darren is south of the Border in the West Country of England. He does tons of Youtube tutorials, not just Canva but also lots about video and photography too. My “Czech mate” David is another Expert Educator and Speaker’s coach.

Last but not least…

There are a few remaining Canva experts here (that I don’t know well – or at all). Some new Canva Experts didn’t get included for whatever reason. For who we have shots for, I’ll link to them and possible update with any others as I can find them. For now, you can find Maria on Youtube here, and Lola’s Instagram, and Kathy’s too. Swing by Lashonda’s gram here.

more experts

Thankfully my friend Nicky, a former fellow CCC (Class of 2019) is back in the “Expert” arena with us! So that’s about it I believe…For the Champion’s Experts.

Did I miss you? Let me know!

Introducing the first Canvassadors in the Design Circle

As I am only in the Design Circle at the most cursory level, I am not so familiar with the Canvassadors there. That being said, it is good to see a few of my former CCCs are there to represent. I am looking at you lovely Melissa and Agata, and also Jillian and Mike.

Agata, Melissa, Jillian and Mike

Here are the remaining Canvassadors in the Design Circle

Canva Canvassadors first batch of Design Circle Elite

Some Questions You May Have

You are probably wondering what the process is to become an Expert or Canvassador, and if there is a clear path to climb the ladders within the Canva programs? At the moment they’re settling into the programs. Canva Experts is “invite only” and t is my understanding they’ll be opening up the programs possibly on a quarterly basis – to coincide with Canva’s season openers. I’d recommend the starting point being to get on their radar in one of the two groups linked above. If you’re already in there – engage, share and support.

A Post from Ed, in the Design Circle Reads:

Note: If you’re seeing this post and would like to apply to become a Canvassador yourself, there will be an opportunity in the near future. Please keep an eye on our ‘Featured’ announcements section for all important updates.

So there you have it. My understanding of the situation as of today anyway…

Update November 2022

So there is  now a lovely page on Canva which highlights the different community programs on Canva. It will provide you with info straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. See Canva’s Community Programs here.

Before you go…

If you’re a creative type, you may want to swing by my ever-expanding links page. It has dozens of free creativity tools, resources, extended trials and much more. Plus I am adding to it weekly.

Also if you’re not on pro and want to try Canva Pro FREE for 45-days then go here.

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