Canva Feature Requests – What Would You Like to See in 2020?

Canva Feature Requests

Canva Feature Requests

New updates at the bottom!

It’s a whole new year and indeed new decade. Canva has made many changes and just last month, at the Summer Season opener, announced a bunch of new features that are coming soon. Some of the features I’ve already got access to as a Canva Certified Creative. Some have yet to be launched. What would your Canva Feature Requests be? What, if anything, do you find lacking in the tool?

Having a look through one of the groups I have seen a few features not currently available on Canva and I’ve had one or two I’d like to see.

Features I’d Love to See in Canva

Below, in no special order, are some of the features and functionality I’d love to see with any of the future Canva feature updates. To be fair many of the things I want to do often have some sort of “work arounds” but not all of them…

  • The ability to search images and filter by landscape and portrait
  • When searching for “Free” images/elements (a Canva Pro feature), to be able to filter out ones eligible for commercial use
    Search Canva FREE
  • Curved Text: This is a popular one that gets asked in most of my workshops. I’d love it – especially for designing my tshirts for my Print on Demand business.
  • Delete multiple items – It would be great to be able to delete lots of photos or former images in our “All Our Designs” area
  • Color/Colour Picker – While there is some aspect to this within the colour paletettes of an uploaded photo it’s not exact (Note: If you have a photo on the page, you’ll now find a palette suggested for you for recolouring other elements in your design, based on colors in your photo)
  • CMYK Export – An ability to export files with CMYK would be handy
  • Add textures
  • Add shadow effect (there is a work around, like most things in Canva but it can be a bit, well as we say in Scotland “faffy”)
  • Ability to add tables easily (again you can do it by using shapes but it’s a bit laborious)

Your Suggestions

So what sort of Canva feature requests would you have – if you could have them add any functionality? Have I missed any awesome features in my list above?

Thankfully new and exciting changes are coming all the time. Wonder what will be next…Any guesses?

Updates – Nov 2020:

Some of these things have now been added to Canva. Some others are in the works. Can’t say much about the latter…but  the colour Picker is rolling out, you can delete multiple items now (or file them in folders) and shadows are live now.

2 thoughts on “Canva Feature Requests – What Would You Like to See in 2020?

  1. I just recently started using the content calendar and scheduling out posts through Canva. I’d love to have the capability to schedule out carousel posts.

    1. Hey Crystal thanks…Yeah they’re pretty popular…I’ve not tried it, does it not work? Created up to 10 square PNGs and posting all of them? Is it only one at a time? I’d no idea. I am terribly disorganised when it comes to scheduling posts so I can’t say I ever tried it…x

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