A Few Updates for Canva in April 2021

What's New for Canva in April

Let’s See What’s New for Canva in April

Hey Canva lover – how are you? Today on this fairly short update, I thought I’d share some new features and recent news about what’s new for Canva in April.

There are several things that are coming down the pipeline which are cool but I am not at liberty to discuss,….yet.

‘Soon as I can, I will. For now let’s get started with one of my top updates to share…

New: Style Transfer

So excited to announce this one. I have had this on my account for a few months now, I think. I absolutely love it. Please be aware that this is not yet fully rolled out so you may not have it yet If you do have it on your account, Canva would appreciate any feedback.

So to find it you would add a photo to your canvas (either one of yours or theirs). Click on the photo and under options you should see ‘Style Transfer’ (if you have it).

I made a quick video to demo it using my fave TV character Ted Lasso (possibly of all time)…

You can see the various options in situ – which are: Mosaic, Windel, Meiya, Trygon, Retrato, Stenzel, Punto, Seafoil, Peylo, Barka, Vitro.

Big News This Week: Canva + Instagram

Oh boy, you asked and Canva finally delivered. You can now share to Instagram!  Once you create your “feed post” you can click the three dots at the top right of your Canvas to reveal how to connect your account. Unfortunately it’s done via FB which just pisses me off so I probably won’t bother. For some of you hardcore Instagrammers though, you will definitely want to do it, to cut out the step of downloading to your phone or whatever route you’ve been using. (I’ve usually downloaded on desktop, uploaded to Google Drive, downloaded to phone from Drive…Sometimes, depending on what it was, I’d open the app on my phone and downloaded right to the phone’s camera roll, it just depends).

In order to schedule your post, you’ll need to have a Canva Pro account. If you’d like grab Canva Pro FREE trial here!

Carousels and Sliders

While watching a cool video earlier this week, I saw Canva’s Ronny H talking about Canva having jumped onto the carousels and sliders bandwagon. If you don’t know what they are, I’ll try to explain it to you. Basically it’s a multi-page document that you create and download as something like PDF or PNG. For Linkedin I create them and download them as PDF and go over to Linkedin and upload it there under “file”. Then it displays on there as a page-turning document. I do the same for Instagram but download as PNG format (maximum 10 pages) and then go to Instagram and add to my “feed” there.

I had already done a “how to make carousels on Canva” type slider a few weeks ago but after watching Ronny’s ‘What’s Hot in Canva” video, on his channel, Design with Canva, I just created a whole new carousel. Essentially if you don’t want to read that, open an Instagram sized post, go up to templates and type in “multipage” and you’ll see a plethora of options. How cool is that?

Some Other Fun Links

In case you want some other interesting links to informative, useful or entertaining content…

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