Canva January New Features

January Canva Updates - New Features 2022

Canva January New Features

Happy 2022 everyone. So, I thought I might start off the year with a new monthly feature talking about some of the recent updates that are rolling out each month. So let’s start with Canva January features (that started rolling out in December 2021). The February update will have all the new January features if you see what I mean…Currently, there are two or three new (super exciting) features that I am not yet allowed to talk about yet, so I’ll have to add those in later, write a new post for them, or include them in next month’s update. We’ll see what January brings.

Let’s roll!

Create and Add a Design in a Folder

Good news – with the new ‘Add‘ menu in a folder, you can now: New Add Menu in Canva folders
New menu inside a Canva folder

  • Create design in a folder! This allows you to create a new design which will automatically be saved to your folder!
  • Add existing design to a folder! When in the ‘Add‘ menu, you can also use the ‘choose design’ option to move content that lives elsewhere into your folder with the click of a button!

Canva has also updated the empty state of a folder with shortcuts to make it easier to add content to your folder.

Page Hiding

Do you use Canva for presentations? Have you ever wanted to hide slides from your audience but keep the contents for later? Or maybe keep a couple of different versions of a slide around before deciding on a final version? Well now you can right-click and hide pages that you don’t want your audience to see!

Page Hiding in Canva Presentations Canva January feature

Dark Mode

Do you love to use dark mode options in your apps? Normal mode on devices is black on white. Some offer white text on dark backgrounds. Dark modes are said to cut down blue light exposure and thus can help with eye strain on prolonged screen time.

Dark Mode in Canva January Canva Updates

Text Backgrounds

It’s paramount we can read text (subtitles etc) on top of all our videos. Not only are text backgrounds useful for subtitles, but it is the default way text shows on social media. With the release of Text Backgrounds, Canva’s made it quick and easy to style your text like this in your Canva videos & designs.

Which New Canva Feature is Your Fave?

Which of these new Canva features interests you the most? What feature do you wish was in Canva that isn’t yet? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Before you split, you might enjoy this post about how to become a Canva CCC. (Note: No longer an active program it was cancelled in 2022)

Don’t forget you can always grab a FREE Canva Pro Trial here.

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