Canva Update This Week – Canva’s Like is Now Star

Thea's Canva Tutorial Canva's like is now star

Update Nov 2021: Canva’s Like is Now Star

This is a transcription for my tutorial video so if it doesn’t make much sense, blame the AI…

Go ahead and watch the video – Canva’s Like is Now Star….or read the transcription below the video.

Hey everyone. It’s the Thea, a Canva Certified Creative. (now Verified Expert) I’m a trainer and affiliate based in Glasgow, Scotland. And I had to do another quick tutorial only because yesterday morning I noticed that there was a little subtle change at Canva. I don’t know exactly when it rolled out, but I noticed it about 24 hours ago.

And what it is is that the Likes folder has now become Star or Starred folder. Okay.

Who Cares About Stars?

So why is that important? I recently did a tutorial about, the Likes folder and how you can find free photos in Canva if you’re on the free version. If you don’t want to have to spool through loads of photos inside the editor.

So what you could do is you can go to, type something in, and then switch on, uh, on the left-hand side – use the drop down menu and choose free. Oh, look at him. He’s quite cute. And then here we have a star. It used to be a heart and a like, but now it’s a star. It’s a beautiful day. And we’ll add that one and like the sky as well.

So I’m going to have to get used to saying star,…these two are cute as well, so, okay. I’ve added some there. I’ll show you where those live in a minute.

Go to Icons Next

You can also do it on Canva icons. Let’s go ahead and try. I don’t know if there’s going to be four siphons. Let’s see. And it’s already selected free for me here so I can find some nice horse ones.

See if I like any of the horse icons,…I kind of like this running one. That’s quite nice. Let’s try it. So it works there. It also will. And templates. So if you see a template, you like, let’s see, I’ve already liked that one. Let’s see if you just kind of go along and see if I can find another one that I like, oh I like that “reaching goals” like that.

Okay. So you can just do that.

Where is the Star Folder in Canva?

“So where do they live?” You may be asking. Let me just show you if you go to and I will just click on “Instagram story”. And where the live is under “photos” (meant folders!) here.

Now I already have it open in my tray. So you can actually open and close things that you don’t really use very often.

And then there’ll be hidden under the “more” with the three dots.

So my folders is here are here. Sorry. Good grammar. And the start, which is what they are now are here. Here. You can see the horses that I’ve just added in terms of template, icons and photos. Right.

So it works on all kinds of things here in Canva.

Okay. So that’s where they are in your folders. And if you don’t see your folders in the tab open, it’s under more…

So I hope that was, uh, useful, to give you a few tips on how to kind of save stuff for later use…you know, let’s say you were actually searching in here and you typed in, for instance, winter which is just coming here in the Northern hemisphere, you could do the same thing.

You can add it from in here.

If you find a free photo, you’re like, oh, I really liked that. “I don’t want to use it for this design, but I might use it like”. And you can add it to your stars in there. So that star folder super important.

Okay. So I hope you found that useful. If I can do any sort of tutorial for you, all you need to do is reach out. I’d be most happy to do that for you….

And don’t forget, you can grab a Free Trial of Canva Pro through the link in my bio or my description, depending on where you’re watching this from.

So until next time I’m Thea saying See-ya.

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