Interactive Magic: Canva Meets Typeform

Canva + Typeform Interactive Magic

Get Ready for Some Interactive Magic: Canva Meets Typeform

While not a new feature, I’ve recently delved into the interactive capabilities of Canva’s integration with Typeform. I’ve worked with Typeform before, but never I tried making an ‘editable form’ directly within a Canva design. With an imminent Canva training session for college staff on the horizon, I wanted to gauge their current proficiency and aspirations with Canva. So, I crafted a brief survey they can complete in roughly 30 seconds. This versatile form can be utilised for any of my future training attendees too. Result!

Why Typeform?

Typeform? Think of it as your swanky, intuitive tool for gathering insights. Whether you’re hungry for feedback, conducting a bit of research, crafting quizzes, polling opinions, or fishing for leads, Typeform’s got your back. Multiple choices? Check. Long or short text? Absolutely. Fancy images, a straightforward ‘yes or no’, or a drop-down with a buffet of options? It’s all there.

Now, just like our pal Canva, Typeform plays nice with a bunch of other platforms – we’re talking Slack, Zapier, Google Drive, Hubspot, Notion, and a whole lot more. So, plug in your go-to apps and whip up some snazzy interactive forms. Want a sneak peek? Head over to Typeform to check out some template examples.

Potential Uses of Canva + Typeform Integration

Here are some options of how Typeform can be used.

a. Educational sector: Pre-training surveys, post-lecture feedback, and interactive assignments.

b. Business sector: Customer feedback, product launches, and interactive infographics.

c. Events and Seminars: RSVPs, feedback forms, and interactive event agendas.

d. Personal use: Invitations, personal quizzes, and more.

Getting Started: Step by Step Guide

  1. Set Em Up: If you’re new to the block, grab yourself a FREE account and make sure you’re rocking a account too.
  2. Choose Your Path: Kick off by crafting your form or picking out your Canva doc type. I went with the mobile story size (because, why not?).
  3. The Grand Meeting: Got your Typeform form and Canva doc ready? Brilliant! Now let’s get them talking.
  4. Get Connected: Head over to ‘Apps’ on your Canva dashboard. Spot ‘Typeforms’? Click it and link up your account.
  5. Voila, Form Magic!: After that smooth connection, you’ll see your spiffy form right there in Canva.
  6. Share the Love: How do you want the world to see your form? Share a link, embed it in a newsletter or pop it on a website. Your stage, your rules.
  7. The Feedback Loop: Last but not least, dive into those form submissions and see what the world’s telling you. Repeat. Lather. Rinse.


Now, I’ve walked you through the Typeform-Canva magic, but here’s the cherry on top: if you’re itching to level up your Canva game, I’ve got a special treat for you. As a Canva Verified Expert, I’ve got the golden ticket – a FREE 45-day Canva Pro trial. And guess what? I’m sharing that ticket with you. So, dive deep, explore, and make your designs pop! Learn more about Canva Pro and grab your 45-day FREE trial here

Happy designing, and remember, there’s always a new trick around the corner. Stay curious!

PS: Have you seen my recent Canva Tutorial about the other Type in Canva TypeCraft?

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