Canva Pro – Content Library Now Free for All Pros

News: the Canva Pro Content Library is FREE

Canva Pro – Content Library Now Free for All Pros

This is just a really quick update for you today, as it’s time for some good news for Canva Pro users. The Canva Pro – Content Library is now merged. What that means is that you can now access all the photos, videos and elements in the library for free.

Canva has had different options which were sometimes confusing. For example there was “free” (no confusion there), Pro (the ones that had a crown) and Premium (denoted in the UK as a £ – elsewhere in your own currency).

As of today it’s all FREE to Canva Pro users.

Canva Pro - Update 6 April 2020

I’ve already blogged about some Canva Pro features before but if you don’t want to hop over to that blog post, here are a few Pro benefits to highlight for you now…

Canva Pro
As you can see above – there are some amazing features offered to Canva Pro subscribers.

Some of my personal favourites are: the magic resize, the folders option (I have loads), remove background (transparent background) and things like the animation feature too.

Are you a Canva Pro already? What’s your favourite feature? You can let me know in the comments below.

Questions Still to Be Answered…

Because this was only released today there are still a number of questions that need answered. Is this different to the Canva Unlimited Photos for instance (which I currently subscribe to because they are awesome!).

People have asked if we can use elements and photos commercially – like on KDP books or tshirts and merch.…Not sure.

As soon as I have more answers I can come back and add some of these answers for you.

Ready to Try Canva Pro Today?

Or do you still have some Canva Pro Questions?

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Canva Pro - Content Library

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