Canva Pro – Yes or No? My Fave Paid Features

Canva Pro - Yes or No My Fave Paid Features Woman questioning Canva Pro

Yes or Now to Canva ProCanva Pro – Yes or No? My Fave Features

UPDATED April 2024: It’s time to freshen up the post – to include some newer Pro features/benefits. Also, here’s info about Canva Pro Free Trials  (An Expert’s affiliate link that gets you 2 extra weeks than the normal Free Trial!)

For over five years now I’ve been delivering FREE, half day Canva workshops across Scotland and now solely online. When delivering training, I often get asked about Canva Pro and whether it’s worth it to upgrade from the free version or not. Honestly, my answer is “well, it depends”.

Canva is such a fantastic tool that you don’t HAVE to upgrade to Canva’s Pro version. You can do almost everything for FREE. In fact I used it for years for free…That being said, there are many features about Canva Pro that I use every_single_day – so I thought I’d highlight those benefits for you here today.

But First, What is Canva?

Canva is a free online graphic tool which allows you to design online images like social media graphics, website elements, business cards, flyers, posters, brochures, even create physical products like tshirts and books to sell on Amazon!

Now to some features and benefits I love about Canva Pro.

Magic Resize (now Magic Switch)

One of the main reasons to consider an upgrade to Canva Pro is the fact that you can magically resize your designs into other canvas sizes. So I often will start by making an Instagram shaped post (a square) and then once it’s done make it into a Facebook post size (more rectangular) and even a Twitter post too. Of course once Canva opens the different designs in new browsers you have a fair bit of tweaking to do but it can save you a bit of time in the long run.

Canva Pro- Download Transparent backgrounsDownload Transparent Backgrounds

Another fantastic feature in Canva Pro is being able to download your text-based designs with transparent backgrounds. As someone who creates merch (tshirts, hoodies, mugs, stickers, etc) every single day, it’s paramount to be able to download my designs as transparencies to put on products.

Now you can even erase backgrounds from your photos in Canva. (If you don’t have the Pro subscription, you can always use  Background Eraser App)

Canva Pro - Magic ResizeFully Featured Brand Kit

While you can upload your logos to Canva in the Free version (under “Upload”), Canva Pro gives you additional benefits when storing your Brand Kid. You get 20 color palettes on your brand kit in the pro version, as well as 36 colors per palette, and you can upload your own brand fonts if your font is not in Canva already! And yes, just like the free version you can upload your logos to your brand kit (or just in the general uploads).


Static designs are so 2017. With Canva Pro, you can take your presentation, or Instagram post and turn it into an alluring animated GIF or MP4 video.While you can do some animations in Canva, you get a few extra options that are only in Canva Pro.

Other Added Benefits

With Canva Pro, you have unrestricted access to over 1.5 million premium images (yes, you read it correctly). No longer will you have to waste time trawling images on random sites, instead you can stay inside the Canva editor and find the perfect image for you.

Also access to over 20,000 templates and over 750 premium fonts, over 3 million free premium photos and illustrations

Join Canva Today - Get FREE Pro trial too

With – Magic Resize, extensive Brand Kit features, Folders, Transparent Background, Animations, Enhanced Search capabilities – it’s crazy not to consider. Why not give Canva a try today – it’s FREE for 30 days?

Finally all you Canva pros out there please let me know What’s your fave Canva Pro feature? Let me know in the comments section!

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