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Save time batching content creation with Canva Quick Create

Say “Hey” to Canva Quick Create

UPDATE: Aug 2023. Canva has now removed this option. I hope it may return once more.

Super excited to share this Canva update: ‘Quick Create’. This new feature is rolling out to all users now! It’s so good and will save you bags of time batch creating your social media content – with just a few clicks.

Once you have it, you’ll find it under ‘Social Media’. Click on ‘Quick Create’.

Canva Quick Create - Choose Social Media then Quick Create
Ok, so let’s go with this very simple tutorial…

Step 1.

Choose which size graphic/s you want to create. You can do one, two, or even all of the options if you want.

Choose which graphic sizes you want to create

Step 2:

Once you’ve selected your options – hit ‘Continue’.

Then hit continue on Canva Quick Create

Step 3.

Add your text to each of the two text boxes on the left hand side.

Note there is not much space here to add text – so either be super brief with your text, or put what you can in, and add a bit more later once it’s created. (Clearly being brief is not my strong suit…)

Add your text to Quick Create

Step 4:

Choose your template: simple, modern, elegant, geometric etc. As in all good branding, you probably want to pick the same style and use it consistently continually.

In other words don’t do elegant today, geometric tomorrow, modern the next…Pick a style that suits you and use it primarily!

Choose various Canva Template options - simple, modern, elegant, geometric etc

Step 5.

Here is where you can add an image and your logo.

It’s a good idea to have your logo in your social media graphics – again for that consistent branding.

In my Canva Quick Create example, I just added a logo for Totally Content and no image.

Add logos and images to your Quick Create in Canva

Step 6.

Choose your ‘Style’. This is colours and fonts at this point. You can have a play about to see what works. Canva Pro* users will have their brand kit/s at-the-ready.

As I keep saying, you’ll want to keep your same fonts/styles consistent too.

To build that brand awareness, stick to the same two or three colours and same two or three fonts across all your designs.


Choose your Canva Styles - Pro Users have their brand kits at the ready.

Step 7.

Finally you’ll hit ‘Finish’ on your Quick Create graphics.

Finally hit finish on your Quick Create graphic in Canva

Step 8.

Choose to download or save your design/s.

When you save them, they automatically go into their own folder with the name of your design.

You can edit that folder’s name and the actual graphics at a later date so that’s handy.

Select Finish on your Canva Quick Create

In Summary

There you have it. A simple way to batch content with Canva Quick Create. It’s rolling out to all users just now.

This will save you heaps of time making social media posts going forward. What do you think of this new Canva feature?

If you haven’t got Canva Pro and have been considering it – you might enjoy this post highlighting the benefits.

PS: Oh and before you go, please take a look at my links page for all my fave tools and resources…

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    1. Not sure what you mean? You can add your own photos and logo – change the colours and fonts to match brands…Beyond that it’s limited. What you can do is have it make the various doc types you want…then you go an edit individually as you see fit. So one can design how one wants, yes.

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