Canva Text Effects Rolling Out This Week

Canva Rolls Out Text Effects

New This Week: The Roll Out of Canva Text Effects

Hello Canva lovers! Boy have I got some great news for you. I am absolutely delighted to tell you about the official release of some new Canva text effects!

Now before you get too excited, I have to set your expectations and inform you, that no, curved text is not one of the effects that has been released yet.
No need to contact Canva with that suggestion, they already get that request every single day.

So with that aside what are…

The New Canva Text Effects options.

Well there are – shadow, lift, hollow, splice, echo, neon, and glitch. Most can be seen here in this quick video I just threw together for you!

So let’s look at these individually.


First on your list of Canva Text Effects list is the Shadow effect. This is a great effect – to be used sparingly to capture some attention.

Canva Text Effects - Shadow


The lift effect is a very subtle effect that you can use to give a bit of a rise as it were.

Canva Text Effects - Lift


The next type of Canva Text effects you find is hollow which I really love.

Canva Text Effects - Hollow


How cool is splice? It’s a wee bit funky isn’t it?

Canva Text Effects - Splice text effect


I think my fave might be Echo. It’s simple and maybe a little bit retro. I am not sure but I really dig this font effect.

Canva Text Effects - hello hello hello it's echo


From what I’ve shared online – Neon seems to be the firm fave amongst my network and community. I do love it too.

Canva Text Effects - retro effect of Neon


I’ve been playing with these for the last month or two and enjoy them. I like that you can play with the “intensity” levels of your text effects.
Canva Text Effects - what is your fave?
Tell me which is your fave of the Canva text effects!
OK, I’m off to play some more!!
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