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Say ‘Hey’ to Canva Translate

Ever fancied giving your Canva designs a multilingual makeover? As a Canva Verified Expert,(and a user since 2014), I’ve been lucky enough to witness Canva’s evolution up close. As you probably know Canva’s on a journey to make design tools universally accessible, while placing a big ol’ spotlight on diversity, inclusion and accessibility.

Well good news guys, the days of translating designs page by tedious page are in the rearview mirror. Now, with the new Canva Translate feature, you can flip multiple design pages into another language in one smooth move. Trust me, it’s a game-changer for anyone who fancies reaching a global audience.

Unlocking Canva’s Translation Wizardry: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Whether you’re wanting to create an ebook in a variety of languages or perhaps to create some multi-lingual social media graphics, Canva’s got your back.

Say ‘Hey!” to the Canva Translate feature, the ultimate sidekick for globe-trotting creators. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open You Doc Type Design File
    Fire up Canva to get this party started! Open up your masterpiece-in-progress in whatever size document you need to translate.
    Type in Translate under Apps in your Canva dashboard.
  2. Set Your Sights on ‘Translate’
    From the left side panel, click on ‘Apps’. Scroll down to find the shiny new ‘Translate‘ app or type in the word Translate. One you have it, click it.
    Canva Translate page To and From and Apply to which Pages.
  3. Pick Your Language
    From Finish or French to Scots Gaelic or even good ol’ American English, pick the language you need.
  4. Choose Yer Pages, Easy Peasy
    Gone are the days of the one-by-one slog. Select all the pages you want to work some magic on.
  5. Sit Back & Watch the Translation Sorcery Unfold
    Grab a cuppa (or a Californian smoothie), sit back, and bask in the brilliance as Canva weaves its translation magic.

My Example

So here is an example of a post I created for my Mixes by Thea on MixCloud account –  that I could easily translate into other languages. I wrote the first pic in English of course. Then translated it to French and Spanish.

Now I’m not fluent in either language, nor have I spoken to any friends in France or Spain to verify this, but I reckon it’s pretty good. What do you think?
Canva translate text for Mixes by Thea post into other languages - french spanish etc

Alternative Text: Boosting Inclusivity in Design

There’s one more nugget from Canva that’s worth a mention and that’s Alt Text. If you have ever grappled with how folks with visual or cognitive challenges experience your designs, then this Alternative Text feature will appeal to you.

With this feature, you can pop in written descriptions for any image or element in your design. And the cool part? Screen readers can read out these descriptions, offering a solid textual sidekick to your visual content. Design inclusivity? Heck yah!

In Summary

The world just got a wee bit smaller, and your designs just got a whole lot more international! Cheers to that! Are you going to give Canva translate a go?

Hopefully this post was useful for you. Still have questions? Reach out.

If you want to give Canva Pro a test drive for FREE for 45 days you can learn more here.

Or if you have questions about Canva Pro, you can answers on my Canva FAQs page.

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