Custom Text with TypeCraft in Canva

New Canva Text app - Typecraft - distort, warp and stretch text.

TypeCraft – A New Canva Text App

Canva recently released a new featured app called TypeCraft. This is one of my most eagerly-anticipated updates, so let’s talk about how you can elevate your designs with it. TypeCraft is a third-party Canva app that lets you warp, stretch, distort, and make your text wave in cool and interesting ways. To make these kinds of customised text effects, I used to have to do them in Kittl.

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Where Can You Find TypeCraft?

To find Typecraft, start by…

  • opening any doc type (e.g. social media, presentation, card etc)
  • go down to Apps, (scroll down or type ‘Typecraft’ in the search bar and connect your account.)
  • type in your desired text (use just a word or a few words)
  • choose your font
  • decide on your style (None, Unfilled, Outline)
  • pick your colour (With ‘Outline’ you have two colour options)
  • edit your shape accordingly
  • hit ‘Add Element to Design’ (e.g the purple box)

TypeCraft in Canva

My Short Reel Tutorial for TypeCraft

I made a super quick tutorial that covers the steps of creating unique text using Canva’s app TypeCraft.


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Whilst my simple video there ^ was rudimentary at best, some of my fellow Canva-naughts have done some super creative designs with TypeCraft.

Let’s take a look at a few…

Other Examples of TypeCraft in the Wild

Check out this reel from fellow Canva Verified Expert Roger Coles (and be sure to follow My Social Designer on Instagram)


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A post shared by Roger Coles (@mysocialdesigner)

Another Example from Hadas

Gotta love this cute kitty example from my “sister from another mister” (and fellow Canva Verified Expert) Hadas Avidor Goldin. (Learn more about Hadas in this 5 Min Fireside post)

Getting Arty with Artsy

Finally, one last example which I found to be quite clever from @artsyassist on Instagram. If you view her different pictures, she’s got a nice one for “Save Water” in a drop of water. Her other post combined stretched text of the word “Fish” with some fins.

Love that creativity, don’t you?

Better with Canva Pro

This app is free for all users, but honestly, it’s way better with Canva Pro because you can download your designs with a transparent background and then re-upload them to add shadows (such as glow or drop shadow, for example).

If you want to try Canva Pro for FREE, learn more here.

Have you played with TypeCraft?

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with this fun new App. Feel free to message me on social to show off your mad skills.

My Instagram is @alltheasthings. and Threads here or reach out to me on Linkedin.

2 thoughts on “Custom Text with TypeCraft in Canva

  1. I love Typecraft and it’s providing the desired results. A lot easier than downloading then manipulating in photopea. HOWEVER, I have certain fonts I want to use that are not available in TYPECRAFT. Do you know if importing other fonts is a possibility?

    1. I don’t think that is the case…yet but, like you, I hope it’s on the road map – as my font is not available either. I’ll ask in our Slack. If I get a response I’ll let you know!

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