Canva Video Launched To All Users Today

Canva Video - Launched today for all users (not China)- 25 November 2019

Canva Video For All

Exciting News!! Canva video has now been rolled out to all accounts today.

Some of you may have seen it for a while now. Some of us got it in April, but it’s been officially rolled out to all places (apart from China).

Though it had a beta launch for us CCCs (Canva Certified Creatives) Canva now supports videos for all kinds of designs.

So what that means is that you can choose from their collection of free high-quality videos. If you want to make it even more personal, you can upload your own, be it from your everyday adventures, travel clips, home videos, or personal projects.

Share them as social media posts, stories, or use them in presentations!

Canva Video is now available to all users

How to Start Using Canva Video

1. Open the Videos tab.
2. Enter a keyword to find a video.
3. Click on a clip to add to your design!
4. Customize by cropping its size or trimming the video’s length.

To upload your own video:

1. Open the Uploads tab.
2. Click Upload an image or video.
3. Choose your uploaded video to add it to your design or one of our many templates!
4. Customize by cropping its size or trimming the video’s length.

Canva Videos Work with Template

All of Canva’s templates support videos. You can add them to practically any design easily—whether it’s your own video or one from our library! Customize the video to fit your design by cropping its size or trimming the video length. You can then change the template’s colors, fonts, and more—it’s up to you. The possibilities are endless! How will you make it your own?

Watch this Canva Video Tutorial

Check out this video from my fellow CCC Ronny – talking all about Canva Video and its features. I learned a few things myself.

If you do some Canva video posts please feel free to tag me in them to see or even reshare them. I love seeing people’s creations! Happy creating!

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