December Exclusive 1:1 Canva VIP Training Days

Canva VIP Training 1:1 sessions December 2023

December Exclusive 1:1 Canva VIP Training Days

Ready to give your Canva skills a serious upgrade? As the festive season unfolds, I’m buzzing with excitement to roll out my exclusive Canva VIP Training Days. This isn’t just a step up in your design journey; it’s a leap into a world of creativity and expertise. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the wonders of Canva or you’re looking to refine your existing skills, these sessions are tailored to spark a real transformation in your approach to digital design. Picture yourself wrapping up the year not just with festive joy but with a newfound mastery of Canva – that’s the gift waiting for you at these Canva VIP Trainings.

Why Book a VIP Training Day?

With nearly a decade of Canva experience and 14 years as a trainer, I’ve helped thousands of people just like you. Now, I want to share that expertise with you in a focused, one-on-one setting. In just one hour, you can transform your approach to digital design.

We’ll explore Canva’s features together, giving you practical skills and insider tips that usually take months to master.

This isn’t just a quick tutorial; it’s an intensive boost to your design journey.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Whether you want to learn how to create dazzling social media graphics, professional presentations, or engaging videos or use some of the new Magic Suite of AI tools, these VIP days are tailored to your specific project needs.

You’ll not only walk away with new skills but also a tangible project, ready to impress your audience.

Long-Term Benefits:

These sessions aren’t just about short-term gains. You’ll learn time-saving techniques and design principles that will serve you for years to come. Imagine the hours you’ll save and the quality of work you’ll produce with this newfound knowledge!

Plus, as you apply these skills, you’ll likely notice a significant boost in engagement from your audience, whether it’s through social media, marketing materials, or even personal projects.

The confidence and independence you’ll gain in handling your own design needs will be a game changer, freeing you from relying on others and accelerating your ability to execute your creative vision.

The VIP Experience:

Choose an hour’s slot from one of my three VIP days in December. Held on December 7, 12 and even Saturday the 16th, these VIP sessions were designed to cater to both UK and US time zones. As your trusted Canva Verified Expert (see pg 9), you can be assured that I’ll give you one-on-one attention, and make sure all of your specific questions and challenges are addressed. And remember, it’s a tax-deductible investment in your skills!

A Little Extra:

To make these VIP days even more valuable, I’m offering a free 15-minute follow-up session in January for each booking. This is your chance to ask any lingering questions or refine the skills you’ve gained.

Booking Information:

Spaces for these VIP days are limited and cost £195 ($245 US). It’s an exclusive opportunity to get personalised, expert guidance. Whether you’re a business owner, a creative professional, or someone passionate about design, this is your chance to elevate your Canva skills dramatically.


So, are you ready to join me for a VIP session that could redefine your approach to digital design? Book your spot now and start 2024 feeling more confident and creative in your Canva skills. Let’s make your designs not just good, but spectacular!

Need more than an hour? You can book me for a half and full day – any time.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Thea Newcomb, Scotland’s first Canva trainer and a Canva Verified Expert. With a career spanning fourteen years in web and social media training and nearly a decade specialising in Canva, I’ve had the joy of hosting workshops and webinars worldwide.

My passion? Empowering people like you to unleash their creative potential through practical, fun, and engaging training sessions. When you work with me, you’re not just learning Canva; you’re gaining a partner in your creative journey. Learn more about Canva Pro here.

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