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Updated May 2024: Please note the FREE 45-day trial link ended 30 April. Canva has discontinued all extended trials, unfortunately,…

Are you ready to take your designs to new heights? Canva Pro offers a game-changing solution for creatives and businesses. With a Canva Pro free trial, you can experience the full potential of Pro, unlocking advanced features and tools to elevate your design game. Don’t miss this opportunity to try Canva Pro for free!

Key Benefits of Upgrading to Canva Pro:

  • Access the Full Canva Library Wave goodbye to endless searching for the right graphic, photo, or font. With Canva Pro, you unlock unlimited access to over 75 million premium stock images, videos, audios, and graphics. It’s like having an entire world of art at your fingertips, ready to bring your creative ideas to life.
  • Elevate Your Unique Brand Canva Pro takes your branding to the next level. Customize your designs with unique fonts, your brand’s colour palettes, and now, with Brand Voice, make sure your content resonates. Even better, upload your own fonts for that extra personal touch, making your brand truly stand out.
  • Efficiency and Creativity Combined Design, schedule, and post your content across multiple social media platforms directly from the Canva dashboard. The integrated content planner in Canva Pro is a time-saver for busy creatives. Achieve more without sacrificing the quality and consistency of your content.
  • Seamless Collaboration Say goodbye to confusing email threads and lost revisions. Canva Pro introduces effortless, real-time collaboration. Work together with your team, share feedback, and make revisions in a shared, intuitive space, making the design process more streamlined and efficient.

AI-Powered Magic Suite

Welcome to the future of design, where Canva Pro’s AI magic tools meet your every creative whim. Imagine a world where image backgrounds vanish with a snap, designs morph to fit your vision instantly, and resizing is just a click away. It’s like having your very own design genie, ready to grant your creative wishes.

  • Magic Media: Watch as your words take a visual flight, turning ideas into stunning graphics in a flash.
  • Magic Animate: Bring your designs to life! This feature adds the perfect touch of animation and transition, making each element dance to your tune.
  • Magic Morph: Experience text and shapes transforming as if by magic. With Magic Morph, effects, patterns, and textures are at your fingertips, ready to elevate your design in moments.
  • Magic Grab: Like a digital magician, isolate and manipulate the main subject of your photos, tweaking and twisting without a hitch.
  • Magic Expand: Stretch your creativity to new bounds! Magic Expand intuitively enlarges design elements, pushing the limits of your imagination.
  • Magic Video: Say goodbye to the still life. Transform your images into captivating video stories with a simplicity that’ll leave you spellbound.

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With Canva Pro, you’ll save time, enhance your brand identity, and streamline your creative workflow. Upgrade now and experience the future of design with our 30-day free trial..

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Remember, creativity is about taking chances, exploring new horizons, and making bold choices. So go ahead, explore Canva Pro and see how it can elevate your designs to new heights. Happy designing!

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