Innovate Your Designs with Canva’s AI Art Tools

Innovate Your Designs with Canva’s AI Art Tools - paints, brushes and a textured painted canvas

Canva’s AI Art Tools

UPDATE: May 2024 – There are even more AI tools in Canva. Want to learn more than what’s here? Leave a comment!

The digital art world is ever-evolving, with Canva at the forefront, continuously unveiling new tools that redefine creativity. Keeping pace can be a challenge, even for the most dedicated Canva aficionados. This post is for those who may have missed the memo on the latest developments or find themselves overwhelmed by the plethora of new apps added regularly to the platform. In Canva’s dynamic realm, the integration of Generative (among others) AI tools opens up a realm where inspiration meets innovation, allowing every user to explore and expand their artistic potential with ease. Let’s look at a few of these but first…

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to algorithms that can generate new content based on the data they’ve been trained on. Imagine an artist who has studied a million images of the sky, fields, and butterflies. Now, when you ask this artist to paint a ‘vibrant field of sunflowers, a blue sky and butterflies’, they create an entirely new image that never existed before, influenced by their vast experience. That’s what generative AI does—it’s an artificial intelligence that taps into a digital repository of knowledge to create something novel, something original, and often, something breathtaking. So let’s use that “prompt” and test it out on a few Canva AI tools.

Imagen by Google in Canva's Apps - Sunflower Field with butterflies flying and a blue sky.Imagen by Google:

With “Imagen” from Google, available in Canva’s ever-growing toolbox, your typed descriptions come to life with startling clarity. My prompt resulted in a vivid tapestry of sunflowers stretching towards an azure sky, dotted with the delicate dance of butterflies. The result was interesting, if a little random, to say the least. I find it funny when prompting for images, the results, if you look closely, often have something that’s not-quite-as expected. Like a random yellow flower flying like a butterfly…

Try Imagen now

Dall-E in Canva - AI art of butterflies, a blue sky and sunflowersDall-E:

“Dall-E”, another AI masterpiece-maker, interprets textual cues into visual feasts. When tasked with my same sunflower scene, Dall-E splashed the canvas with bold colours and a whimsy that borders on the fantastic. This tool’s unique approach offers a slightly surreal twist to your prompts, perfect for those looking to infuse a dream-like quality into their designs. In this case, the butterflies look slightly more realistic at least.

Try Dall-E now.

Canva's Own Text to Image creations of the sunflowers, butterflies and blue skies x 4Canva’s Text to Image (Now “Magic Media”)

Canva’s own Text to Image, now known as Magic Media feature is a marvel of machine learning, simplifying the generative process without compromising on creativity. Inputting the same prompt, the result was four different options with blue skies and fluttering butterflies. I think the bottom right was my fave due to its big blue butterfly. Which do you like best?

Try Magic Media (Text to Image)
As of May 2024, you can even do video and “graphics”!

Reimagine portraits in Canva - can create six different style of artworks from your uploaded image. Thea Newcomb uploaded photo and 6 versions of portraits.Reimagine Portraits

In the innovative landscape of Canva’s AI tools, “Reimagine” (portraits) stands out with its promise to transform your photos into stylised masterpieces. Beyond just applying a filter, this tool reinterprets your image through the lens of six distinct styles: Sketch, Cartoon, Anime, Art, Arcane, and Mystic. The result? A unique creation that totally diverges from the original photo (that you upload), offering a new representation that takes the subject into a different realm of artistry.

It didn’t behave at all as I’d “imagined” (I should have known that from its name, I know…) – but it’s an interesting tool to play with nonetheless.

Try Reimagine now.

Take rudimentary drawings and turn them into artwork - in Sketch to Life in Canva - A unicorn, a Sun, a Cassette tape and a cat with headpones.Sketch to Life

“Sketch to Life” brings a unique twist to Canva’s impressive suite of AI tools. Nestled among the Apps in your Canva dashboard, this feature beckons with a blank canvas, inviting you to sketch out your ideas.

The magic happens once you sketch: simply describe your drawing with text, and “Sketch to Life” transforms your basic outlines into a complete, polished image. I used both my mouse and my Wacom One drawing tablet. While my results ranged from delightfully surprising to downright bizarre. In any event, the app ensures that your designs are as distinctive as you. (You should have seen my attempt to make a cassette tape, oh my!!)

Try Sketch to Life now.

In Summary:

Generative AI art tools in Canva are democratising design, offering a brush with greatness to both novice and seasoned creators alike. Whether you’re a professional designer seeking inspiration or a hobbyist exploring the fusion of art and technology, these tools are a gateway to an endless array of visual possibilities. Go have a play with Canva’s AI offerings and let your creativity bloom against blue skies and sunflower fields. Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know your fave!

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