Canva’s Character Builder – New Feature First Look

Canva's New Character Builder - First Look

Canva’s Character Builder – Wee Tutorial

Welcome to another super short tutorial – today it’s on Canva’s Character Builder – free for all users. I’m aiming to update this blog twice a week! Please check back…for now though, let’s go!

Video Transcription: (Transcribed by Descript – so some random words may be in here). This post has affiliate links.

Hey everyone. It’s Thea, here I am a Canva Certified Creative, an affiliate and a trainer. And today we’re going to do a super quick tutorial on a brand new feature that’s just rolling out in Canva. It’s called “Character Builder”, and it gives you the ability to create some cute little caricatures, which will be fun, whether you’re an adult or a child.

So let’s head over to my machine now.

Getting Started with Canva’s Character Builder

Okay. So here we are and we’re inside of Facebook size post. And to find Canva’s Character Builder, we’re just going to click on the “More…”. Now, the first time you use this, you’re going to have to “connect” it. It will have a “Use” (button) at the bottom left-hand side of your screen.

You click use once and you can use it forever going forward.

Step 1: Start With a Head

So the first option we have is for the head (ED Note: which is actually a whole body) and we can scroll through and see the different types of faces that we’ve got. Okay, I’ll go with. That kind of shorter hair. So which one should we do? That’s kind of me, I guess. Yeah, definitely not that I haven’t got an Afro.

We’ll go with this one. Okay.

Step 2: Then We Move on to our Face

So once we’ve chosen that we go back, then we can choose our face. We have a bunch of different facial expressions, shock, sad, angry, blushy. I don’t know what that one is, and smiley. Let’s go with smiley. Let me go back.

Step 3: Choose a Body Position

Then we can change the body types. Right? So we’ve got skirts, we got shorts, we got dresses…We’ve got different seated positions, running positions. You can go through them all. See there’s a couple of wheelchair ones, somebody walking with a cane, right? And different sized bodies too.

Right. So, yeah. What do we go with? “Hip hip. Hooray”. That’s quite fun. And I liked this one as well. So we’ll go with this one.

Step 4: Pick a Skin Tone

We choose back and then we can choose our skin tone type. We can just use one of the options that they have here, peachy brown, all the way up. I’m quite pale. So I’ll go with the most pale. 

Step 5: Pick a Hair Colour

And next our hair colour. Unfortunately they don’t have a brownie gray, but I’ll go with…well, charcoal. I’m not quite that dark, so we’re going to go here and I will click in. And I’m going to click into it again, and we’re going to go with kind of a lightish grayish. I want it more brown. There we go. We’ll go with that.

And then once we’re done with our character, all we have to do is hit “done” (top left) and we’re done.

And here’s our character. I can’t wait to see what you guys create with character builder in Canva.

Show me What You’ve Got!

Please feel free to tag me in anything that you do – on any social media channel you are on. And I’d love to see what you come up with?

Well, that wraps up another Canva tutorial. If there’s anything I can help you with in Canva, please just shoot me a message and I’ll make a tutorial just for you. And as ever, if you would like to try and Canva Pro for free for 45 days, just hit the link in my bio. Until next time I’m Thea saying “see ya”.
(End transcript.)

Make cute scenes with Canva's Character BuilderBefore You Go…

Hope you enjoyed this little first look at Canva’s Character Builder…It’s a fun one. If you enjoyed this you may want to check out the new January Canva features. Please be sure to subscribe to my Thea Newcomb Youtube Channel and you can also grab a FREE 45-day Canva Pro trial here.

Soon I hope to be able to unveil information on Canva’s certification process (CCC). Watch this space!

PS: Oh and before you go, head over to my links page for all my top recommended tools and creative resources…

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