6 Clicks to Killer Graphics with Canva’s SmartMockups Feature

Canvas Smartmockups feature a blog by Thea Newcomb

6 Clicks to Killer Graphics with Canva’s Mockups Feature

Updated April 2024: Things have changed over the years and continue to change. This post has affiliate links.

Have you tried out the Canva’s Mockups feature? The announcement of the integration between Canva and SmartMockups came about at the end of 2020.

As a longtime user of placeit.net, I didn’t see any real true value in it. Fast forward a few months, and I have become a card-carrying fan of Canva’s Mockups feature. This Canva feature is available to all users and you should go have a play right now, well right after you scan this post! (*Note there’s a link at the bottom to get even more mockups on their site!)

Steps to Follow to Create Unique Designs

1: Open any size of document you require. It works in all doc sizes. So choose social media size, a poster, presentation – anything.

2: Add a photo to your design. This can be a photo that you uploaded yourself from a device or one of Canva’s photos.

3: Click on ‘Effects’. Under effects you’ll see countless options for stylising your photos. Scroll to find ‘SmartMockups’. You may find that you have to ‘Connect’ your account with it to use the feature.

4: Choose from dozens of mockup options.

To give you an overview – I screen-shot all the current mock up options. Please note that these mockups can and do change periodically.

Canva's Mockups phones computers devices

SmartMockups was bought by Canva and is now just Mockups

smart mockup for hone furnishings and stationery

If you need some examples of how designs will look on apparel, here too, SmartMockups has got you covered. There are options – with and without people – for t-shirts and hoodies too.

Apparel Tshirt Hoodie Mockups in Canva's SmartMockups

5: Edit your image by clicking on the option you choose. Next, you’ll see a few choice there. The three choices are: ‘Fill’, ‘Fit’ or ‘Custom’. The last one is a good idea to make your mock up just how you want it.

Choose 'Custom' to control the mockup placement

6: Download or share your design. Choose what to do with your design.

  • Download it to your device.
  • Share it directly to your social media channels (7 options)
  • If you have a Canva Pro account* you can schedule your post to Social Media.
  • One final option, depending on the document type you chose, you could even have Canva Print your design. How cool is that?

How might you use SmartMockups?

There are an infinite amount of ways for you to use smart mockups in your designs. If you are a photographer, you might put your photos on a variety of products to show them off.

If you have a new website, you can take a screenshot and then demonstrate how it looks on various devices.

Canva’s Mockups feature gives you the opportunity to take your simple photographs and turn them into something quite spectacular.

Using Ted Lasso as an Example

In Canva, I created a ‘Believe’ sign (which has been made famous by the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso) to demonstrate a few ways I used Canva’s SmartMockups feature.

Canva's Mockups feature - I Believe in Believe - sign as example by Thea

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