Mixing it Up: 9 Weeks In & Still Cloud Nine on Mixcloud!

Mixing it Up: 9 Weeks In & Still Cloud Nine on Mixcloud!

Cloud Nine on Mixcloud!

Hello, my musical-mixing mates, I’m still on Cloud Nine (in spite of the slow growth on Mixcloud!) We’ve just turned the page on another wonderful week, and though it’s a day late, it’s time to recap our sonic soiree. From the pulse of past radio moments to a series of darker melodies, let’s tune in to the happenings of the past week and look at the show numbers, stats and shoutouts too…

By the Numbers: Mixcloud Stats

Our little community is continuing to grow! We’re holding steady at 23 followers – and together, we’ve accumulated around 4,800 minutes of shared musical memories. As we’d expect, Tuesday and Friday, our upload days, see the most ear action. No surprise there really, eh?

A special shoutout to my fabulous top listeners from Ireland (two of you!) – especially Fanningsessions! And of course not forgetting our loyal stalwarts – the ever-present Andy, Bill, and Cindy. Your consistent support warms my wee heart.

Radio Archive #010: Q’d in on Q96, 2006

Oh, what a treat this was! Taking you back to 2006 with ‘Q’d in on Q96’, where I spun alternative tunes from every corner of the globe. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, the US, and the UK – it was a veritable worldwide whirlwind of sound. If you ever wanted a passport to global alt.music from the mid-2000s, this is it!

Stream it now…

Joyful Journeys #010: End of Summer – A Brit Melange

As summer waves its bittersweet goodbye, we delved into the darker vibes of the early ’90s with “End of Summer – A Brit Melange”.

Think Bauhaus and its spin-offs, the haunting soundscapes of Simple Minds, the alternative allure of House of Love, and a sprinkle of “Madchester” with bands like the Inspiral Carpets, New FADS and Doves. These tracks have an English tint, taking us on a trip through my post-university days around ’90-’91.

Note: Some segues were extended in places, so bear with that – the nostalgia remains undimmed, I hope! 😉

What’s on the Horizon?

Can’t spill all the beans, but here’s a wee teaser: Get ready for another radio flashback with ‘The Quake’ on Q96 tomorrow – a showcase of the best from Scottish and Irish acts from thirty years ago. And come Friday? Well, brace yourselves for a retro ride through the ’90s. The tunes will keep coming, and the memories will keep flooding back no doubt…Until next tune, keep those eardrums eager! If you missed my Week 8 recap it’s here.

Thea xo

PS: Also last week I uploaded my latest Totally Publishing Podcast with the lovely VH Nicolson author from the St Andrews region of Scotland. It’s a cracker listen to the chat now.

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