Simon Says: Walk This Way for a Cause – My UK Coastline Challenge

Simon Says Walk This Way - a charity walk with a woman walking on a UK map

Coastline Challenge for Charity

UPDATED March 29, 2024: Hey everyone! You might’ve noticed me posting a fair few screenshots, selfies and snaps during my strolls lately. Well, there’s a reason for it. I’ve joined a team of fellow co-workers at Collabor8te, my co-working space, to embark on an epic adventure – we’re walking the coastline of Britain!

It’s not just a jaunt for the fun of it, though that part’s been absolutely fabulous. We’re doing it for a cause – the Simon Community Scotland charity. I thought it was about time I shared a bit of my experience and shed some light on the incredible work being done by this organisation. So, grab a cuppa, and let’s get into it.

Picture of Simon Community Scotland website on a laptop on a table.Simon Community Scotland

The Simon Community Scotland shines bright as a guiding star for those battling homelessness. With open arms, they offer not just shelter but also unwavering support and guidance to pave a path towards a better tomorrow. Their tireless efforts touched the lives of over 9,500 individuals in the past year, spreading hope and resilience. Whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, joining hands with them means creating a tangible difference in the world.

I am enjoying helping their cause – even if only by walking some steps each day.

My Challenge, So Far

This past wee while’s been a whirlwind of determination and strides (quite literally) as I pushed my limits further than ever. We were asked to ramp up our efforts. On one week, I managed to clock in an astonishing 109,387 steps, surpassing my previous week’s tally by over 16,000 steps. The sense of accomplishment was unbeatable. I’ve created a spreadsheet and am logging my steps every day and it’s fun to see them visually.

Fitbit Dashboard Screenshot with stats.More Stats…

From the spreadsheet, to date, my daily step average stands at 13,544, a number that fills me with immense pride.

While my initial personal goal might have been to shed a few pounds (the scales remain untouched, so the jury’s out on that one), the journey has brought me so much more.

Most days I check our leaderboard and am usually around 8 or 9th position and more recently 6ht!!

Though not normally competitive, I get extremely annoyed if I drop out of the Top 10. Ha ha!

A Fitbit Screenshot of the last 28 days of the Caastline Challenge

As we approach the final week of our challenge, with just 7 days left and a bit behind schedule, the resolve among us has never been stronger.

If you can spare a bit of change, then please make a donation on out Just Giving page. Please put YOUR name (not mine) in the name field so I know to Thank You!

Now, I know people feel obligated to donate bigger sums, but even a few Pounds, Dollars or Euros would be gratefully received. Seriously.

click here to support me and the Simon Sommunity Scotland

Finally, I’m leaving you with a shot from a Glasgow Green walk we did. It was great to get my steps in with some team members.


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xoxo from Glasgow.

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