Design a Day Challenge 2018 – Print on Demand

Design-a-Day Challenge Print on Demand

Design-a-Day Challenge 2018

So I’ve been doing a Print on Demand (POD) Design-a-Day Challenge on Red Bubble which began on January 1, 2018. The idea was to do a t-shirt design (or merch of any kind) every single day in the year 2018.  The hope was that two things would result at the end year,…1) I’d sell some products and make a bit of extra money, and 2) I’d get better at graphic design. Well that’s the theory anyway…

Halfway Through the Design-a-Day

This week marks the halfway point to my design-a-day challenge. Today is day 182 – so 183 days remaining. Generally, but not always, the designs I come up with are inspired by conversations I have with people that day. Something they say or I say. It could be something I hear someone else say. The inspiration also comes from songs, books, TV shows or films I watch. Really it could be anything from anywhere that winds up as my design-a-day: places, phrases, icons or anything.

Sometimes people ask me to design something for them…which I do for FREE and then upload it for them to buy.*

Today’s design is my own quote – “Perspective is a Mirror Not a Fact”. It’s not one I think will sell many (or even any) but a lot of this challenge is me doing what I please anyway. Naturally I’d wear it, it’s my quote.

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Print on Demand – Strategy

I will be doing more posts about Print on Demand (POD) in the coming weeks – here and on other channels.

I’ve slowly been compiling a list of tips, tools, influencers to follow, Youtube Channels  to subscribe to and FB groups to join. (Hey if you’re in the UK, I am even an admin on one called Merch Across the Pond)

Merch By Amazon - Merch Across the Pond

One thing worth mentioning is that there is no right or wrong way to do Print on Demand. You can do it on one channel – like Amazon Merch (aka Merch by Amazon). Or you can be a Multi-Pod and upload your designs to several places – like Red Bubble, TeeSpring, TeePublic, Spreadshirt, and the like. (A future post on some of these PODs will be coming soon).

You can do designs yourself or you can outsource it to a professional that you know – or maybe using a site like Fiverr.  (There are loads of ways and sites to find a designer).

You can do research into niches and trends, or you can do whatever you damn well please (which is my current M-O). Again no right or wrong, just whatever works for you!

You've Made a TeePublic Sale...

It Feels Good to Make a Sale

I can tell you right now, it feels great to make a sale. Though I am not doing well on Merch, (organic sales wise), I am doing decent enough on both Red Bubble and TeePublic. I never tire of getting those “You’ve made a sale” emails from them.

Finally, Amazon Merch currently only ships to the USA. Red Bubble and TeePublic ship globally.

Check out my essential tools for print on demand.