Digital 2013 – AKA #DigiConX

Glasgow's Digital 2013 - aka #DigiconX

Digital 2013

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Well I’ve yet to manage to write up a proper review of my day at the SECC on Thursday for Digital 2013 (aka DigiConX).

It’s now rather late on Sunday night so better get to it…

My list of things to do is far too long to allow me to go over the event several days later in any great detail.

That said, I can tell you that it was my third visit to Digital conference. Every one of them has been good, but each one grows on the previous year.

This Year Was Even Better

This year well over 400 people attended (either in the room or via the webcast). The speakers for the most part were very interesting. Several of them had some pretty interesting stats to go with their presentations.

I did find it rather ironic (moronic) that every single presentation that I saw was done in PowerPoint (yawn. How passe!) Death by Powerpoint…

Perhaps having worked at NSDesign, where every presentation we deliver is in Prezi, I am now a little spoiled.

I am definitely more than a little biased.

In 2022 it has to be Canva Presentations – all day every day for me! (Try Canva Pro for FREE – learn more here)

Software aside, as I say, many of the presentations did manage to be good and some were even thought-provoking.

I Made Some Connections…

I came away from Digital 2013 having made some new connections that I will no doubt develop as time goes by. I might have even got a client or two as a result.

So if you get the chance to go next year, then by all means, take the opportunity.

And my dear friend (and fellow Yank) Ashley has curated a page of the Highlights of Digital 2013 that you should check out.

What Digital Conferences Do You Attend?

Are there any digital or tech conferences that you always attend that you can recommend? I’d love to hear what you think.

And before you go, if you do love cool tools and resources, then you will definitely want to swing by my Links page.