endorsements for Thea Newcomb - client testimonials for Canva and KDP Training (mostly)


It’s time to update some of these client testimonials here on my website – as the previous ones were many years old. Ooops. Does anyone even read these things? I am not sure but we’ll give it a go, just in case you’re stopping by because you’re considering working with me for some 121 Canva or KDP training or you need me to train some staff. Here we go…

Over the past ten years I’ve trained on behalf of NSDesign, Business Gateway (across several regions), ETAG, WPower, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, the DYW and Highlands and Islands Enterprises – just to name but a few. I’ve worked with all kinds of clients – large, small, private and public sector too.

Now thanks to 2020 – all of my training is delivered online in the form of webinars and 121 sessions.

Kerstin Gruenling testimonial for TheaCANVA & KDP Training and Webinars

Thea is absolutely brilliant in every way!! She is a fantastic and super passionate Canva trainer and her courses are packed full with knowledge, fun and action. Her trainings are all live – no boring slides! I was a total Canva Virgin and did not think much of it until I did her course via Business Gateway! Now I am enjoying to create graphics and documents and am even moving some of my previously compiled worksheets into Canva because it is so easy! Thea really ignited the spark and was able to give even a total beginner a great overview of what can be done with this application and the tools to start right away and get nice results! If you are struggling with something specific or what to have an exclusive training with Thea – I really recommend her 121 Power Hour Sessions – Loads of value ? But Thea is not only a Canva trainer, she also runs the long standing First Wednesday Networking ! A great, easygoing and relaxed event that I try to never miss. I love the online version too and Thea runs it with fun and always interesting ideas to discuss. I love the relaxed format and the open chat in the end and a great mix of people too! Last but not least, I feel more than blessed to have Thea as a friend too. She is such a generous person with always great ideas, loads to share and so genuine by heart. Thank you Thea!

– Kerstin Gruenling from Ciorstain Photography

Canva & Networking Events

Thea is so passionate about Canva and fantastic at sharing her knowledge with others. She’s always willing to provide support and at short notice too. Her video feedback is amazing. May be difficult to describe what to do but Thea makes it so simple in her videos. Thanks for all your help and support with Canva. Thea is also a brilliant networker and has a great networking event every month. I’ve met so many lovely people there. Keep up the great work Thea.

– Shona Cowan

Kelly Houston My Club Synergy testimonialCanva Workshops and KDP

Thea is quite simply AWESOME! Whether delivering Canva workshops for Business Gateway or supporting you 1 to 1 to develop and publish your book with Kindle Direct Publishing, she is motivating, challenging, supportive and knowledgeable. Thea is very genuine, you always get her the same way. She goes out of her way to help people, is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills and, in my opinion, under-values herself in her pricing. Grab some time with her before she realises it!!

– Kelly Houston from Club Synergy

KDP Publishing

I had been struggling to upload my book to KDP and hating every minute. I know the basics and how to do planners but this was totally beyond me! Thea painstakingly altered my ebook to suit and a few hours later it’s done and being approved by Amazon leaving me with a digital asset to sell worldwide. Thanks so much for your assistance Thea. I couldn’t have done this without you.

– Laurie Macpherson the Grow Consultancy

JL's Joan Affleck testimonial for Thea Newcomb

Digital Boost Training and Social Media Consultancy

II first met Thea Newcomb when she was appointed my Digital Boost one-to-one Trainer for two days through East Renfrewshire Business Gateway. She came to my office and oversaw the limited amount of Social Media that my colleague and I were trying to do ourselves. It quickly became apparent that Thea was extremely fast at deciphering what help was needed to help me push my company JL Formulations to the next level of sales and this is what she did. I credit Thea with pushing us to achieve 150% growth in online sales due to her expert knowledge in Facebook Live, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube and mastering Canva. She took it upon herself to oversee my first Facebook Live video and to be honest, I had never heard of it prior to the training with Thea. Since that time we have made over 100 videos which Thea taught us how to download to Youtube where we have now increased subscribers and proven sales from.

Also, she helped us load the videos onto our weekly Mailchimp letters. To say Thea Newcomb’s knowledge is immense is an understatement! Since our two days training, I can and do contact Thea with more questions and fortunately for me, we meet up periodically to discuss my company’s social media. This ‘Fountain of Knowledge’ (Thea) keeps teaching me new strategies and offers lots of advice on my next steps in my social media journey. She seems to know the ‘next big thing’ with regard to social media and this is extremely important in business, in order that we keep ahead. I would absolutely recommend Thea for any social media and Canva training.

– Joan Robertson, JL Formulations

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