The Eton Rukus – Loads of Fun on Many Devices

Eton Rukus Bluetooth Speaker - portable

Updated 2022: A quick update to make sure links work ok etc

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: Eton Rukus

Today let’s chat the Eton Rukus bluetooth speaker…

One of things that I think I mentioned in my last blog about CES 2014 was that wireless speakers were all over the place! Headphones too!

Well, I finally got my first one to try out from Eton Corporation – the Rugged Rukus. It’s a cute, durable, wireless, solar-powered, bluetooth speaker! It’s the one at the bottom of the pic.

Rugged Rukus from Eton Corporation

Though it’s a tiny speaker, it packs a good, wee punch! Plus it works with all my devices – the iPod, my Nokia Lumia, the MacBook, and I just watched a little Grey’s Anatomy on my Kindle Fire with it on too! Anything with Bluetooth.

rukus on my macbook keyboard

Music Everywhere

In addition to it playing all my music across my various devices (incidentally my Amazon cloud currently at over 41,500 songs!), it can also charge my smartphones, iPad or anything else in the above picture (well, except the Macbook of course – that needs too much juice!).

I just love I can take this guy into the bathroom while I shower, or into the kitchen with me while I cook. It’s so rugged (hence the name) that it could go out when hiking, at the beach or poolside (can you say “Splashproof?”) or wherever you are outdoors. As I tend to be really hard on my tech – I love the durability aspect of this.

Solar Power in Scotland?

The one thing I was most curious about – given that it’s a solar machine – “will it work in Glasgow?”
That was the first question I asked John Smith (Eton’s VP). Well, luckily for me, it works even in the less-than-sunny climes like Glasgow!

So suffice it to say, I am delighted with this little guy, as well as

Rukus Extreme from Eton - A Bluetooth Wirless Speaker

Rukus Xtreme is Here!

At #CES2014, Eton launched a few new products, but the one I am most excited about is the new Rukus – Xtreme! It got some rave reviews at CES – you can see more on the Eton Blog. They won an innovation award for this new one – due out later this quarter and I for one can’t wait!

In case you’re wondering, no I don’t work for Eton, nor am I being “paid” for this raving blog! I did however get a demo device to play with, and couldn’t help but rave about it. Let’s face it, we all have too many wires these days. Anything that cuts down on my wired devices – in or out of my home – is a good thing!  I look forward to taking the Xtreme to the EXTREME when it comes out! Watch this space!

Eton Rukus - now focus on emergency preparednessUpdate 2022

So I just had a look at the Eton Corp site and they’re focus is almost solely geared toward emergency preparedness. So their products range from lights, chargers and radios to be used in the event of an emergency. Pretty handy for campers and anyone who just likes to be prepared. In this Global Warming age that’s probably very wise for all of us to consider.

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