Comparing Reach: A Battle Between Facebook vs Google+

Comparing Reach - FB to G+ (Google Plus is no more)

UPDATED 2021: This post is relatively pointless now to be honest. Google+, at least profiles, are a bit of history (brand pages still there through Google My Business). 

It’s a sunny Sunday evening and I went out today to do my 5×50 Challenge walk. On it, like most days, I took many pictures – some of which I get posted on my Instagram account.

When I came home, I thought I’d do an experiment to compare reach and engagement levels between Facebook vs Google+.

So I fired up PicMonkey (for the first time ever), and decided to make a “picture-quote” to share on SYBD ( from one of today’s spring-like images.

I posted the following image on SYBD’s Facebook and Google+ Business pages – with slightly different copy on each. It’s now some hours later, and there’s already staggering differences in reach and engagement on both platforms.

First of all, here is the picture itself. (Taken at Richmond Park in Glasgow’s East End, incidentally).

George Herbert - Living Well Is the Best Revenge.

So first it was placed on So You’ve Been Dumped’s Facebook Page (4:38pm). On the post, I added a bit of text that told the story of “why” I picked this particular quote.

In this case, the picture was posted without a link to the SYBD blog. I only encouraged people to Like/Comment/Share (which I don’t do nearly often enough).

SYBD Facebook Post - Living Well is Best Revenge
There have been two comments in the past few hours, but what’s interesting is that even with this two comments the Organic Reach is only to 34 (see bottom of screen grab). FYI: The third comment was me replying to the two comments.

Facebook Organic Reach
Ok, yes, these days, that’s not so bad for the Organic Reach on Facebook. Like most people’s Facebook page, it’s been hit by the Dec 3, 2013 “Edgerank” changes, so I’ve been having to do whatever I can to boost its natural reach, (to avoid having to pay for it).

I’ve managed to have TWO posts that actually did get quite far reaching (well beyond my 326 “fans”) in the past few weeks. See recent “Reach” below.

SYBD - Facebook Organic Reach Mar/Apr 2014


So that’s all fine, nothing too earth shattering there, is there? But what I did find staggering was the same post on Google+ (slightly different wording and link to the SYBD blog this time) has fared so much better (it’s been up less than TWO hours now). It was posted at 5:58 pm.

It’s a bit hard to read the number at the bottom of the picture, so let me add a clearer grab for you…

1133-views of picture on Google+
Over a thousand views and it’s been up less time than Facebook.

Not only that, it’s had WAY MORE ENGAGEMENT – in both plus ones and comments (even shares)

Almost 30 +1s in just a few hours
Again this post, at the time of writing this blog, has only been up two hours on Google+. Already the engagement/reach levels are far superior to what is essentially the same post on Facebook.

There’s been even more since I uploaded this screengrab so goodness knows where it will be by the time you read this…(Click the images to check – I’ve linked them to the original posts).


This is why I suggest that if people are new to Social Media, and are nowhere yet, “start with Google+”.

Yes it gets a “bad rap” with people saying it’s a “ghost town” or “no one is there” but haven’t I just proved that’s BULLS*T?

If your content is worth engaging with,  you too can have success on Google+. Not everyone shares my view and that’s 100% fine. If you don’t understand Google+ but want some training on setting up a Google+ business then get in touch via one of the social media channels above today or email me my name at

NOTE: Admittedly, I will have to wait a day or two to see IF / HOW it converted any traffic to But I am still encouraged by the G+ results just the same. Aren’t you?

UPDATE: Now that I’ve posted this, it’s 1544 views and  almost 40 plus ones. Oh and did I mention we only have 47 followers on Google+?

I can only imagine where it will be tomorrow – watch this space…


Thought I’d share one more  update on this experiment between Facebook and G+. First it’s Facebook again – which has marginally improved since yesterday. It has now been seen by a whopping 44 people!

There has been no more engagement on the post.
SYBD Facebook post Monday AM

Meanwhile the story on Google Plus is altogether rather different. The post has now had nearly 1000 plus ones. 148 had shared it by 9:17am this morning and 136 comments have been left. SYBD's Google+ Revenge post goes viral. I just checked the current number of “Views” on the Google Plus post and it’s 46,713 by 9:41am.

Still think Google+ is a ghost town? Think again….

4 thoughts on “Comparing Reach: A Battle Between Facebook vs Google+

  1. That’s a really interesting study and thanks for sharing. Makes sense but in Facebook’s defence, it’s all about relevance. Facebook wants to show your message only to people who really want it. Google+ makes it fly around a lot further, but to what end? What benefit do you get? With Facebook, the numbers will be far smaller but these are people who know you, like you, want your stuff and will be there for more tomorrow. Plus, Google+ is full of people LIKE ME. I want to talk to potential clients, therefor Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, even with much smaller numbers, is where I need to be.

    1. That’s all totally valid Colin. If I’d been a betting woman, I’d have bet you would come in here to diss it a little. 🙂 (Knowing full well our views on Google Plus are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but…)

      I did get 20+ followers on G+ as a result – so perhaps if I do it right, they will be there tomorrow too! 😉

      I didn’t have something really to “convert” them to – except on Google+ there was a link to SYBD’s blog – and it remains to be seen how many (if any) did click that link. Will check in a day or so.

      At the end of the day, I think numbers like this can only be a good thing for So You’ve Been Dumped’s “brand awareness”. Google relies on “social signals” – no doubt weighting its own engine top of the pops…At over 1000 plus ones and over 52,000 VIEWS (!) by 11am (less than 24 hours later), what kind of “signal” do you think that’s sending to the BIG G about SYBD now??

      Yeah admittedly this was just a whim. It was not done that strategically. I simply wanted to 1) post a quote and 2) test something, and the results were far greater than I could have imagined.

      The same story happens for Red Bull on G+. Nike+ and Disney+ – according the Forrester webinar that I watched yesterday, so SYBD is not an isolated case. It may not match Facebooks “active members” but it’s inline with Twitters or even surpasses in terms of engagement levels (again according to Forrester).

      We can continue respectively agree to disagree on the subject of the Plus, Mr Kelly. I appreciate you taking time to comment. I am pleased you did 🙂

      >> I want to talk to potential clients, therefor Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, even with much smaller numbers, is where I need to be.

      I agree with you, for my training business, that’s generally my same aim. But I think if done right, G+ will help me with my “local” business as I am trying to demonstrate my knowledge/experience on platforms such as this. At more than 200,000 views on my Personal Profile – I trust I am on the right track 😉

      SYBD though, is a different entity altogether. It’s a global / universal “brand” (for lack of a better word), with a big-but-niche audience all over the globe. #1 America # 2 UK # 3 Canada # 4 India # 5 Australia # 6 Netherlands (Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, & Indonesia rounding off top 10)….So it behooves me to raise SYBD’s profile on a place like this.

      Thanks again Colin!

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