Thea’s 2 Minute Tutorials – How to Find Free Photos in Canva

How to find free photos in Canva

How to Find Free Photos in Canva (Transcribed)

Thea’s 2 Minute Tutorial  “How to Find Free Photos in Canva” – you can watch the video or read the transcription below it.

Hey everyone. It’s Thea here a Canva Certified Creative in Scotland. And I wanted to do a quick tutorial for you on how to find free photos in Canva. This is specifically for those of you who are on the free version of Canva and you want to filter out those pro photos.

Head to

All you need to do is go to and let’s type in, I don’t know, winter, for instance, winter, and this, this particular hemisphere – we’re just about into winter.

Do a search – Select Free

And all I need to do is go to the top left and click on free. And then I add some free photos to my likes – just hover over it (e.g. a picture you like). And as I like that one, okay. Let’s do one line is quite nice as well, actually. And we just hover over it and add it to our lives. So where it happens, I’m just going to refresh the page.

Inside the Canva Editor: ‘Likes’ Folder

And down the left-hand side, I’ve got my lights open here, but you may find that it’s closed – like this and those closed. These looks like in the X and in which case it’ll be here under more – with the three dots down on the bottom left. And all I do is I click on folders and it’s the second thing down right underneath “All Your Designs”. And there. The photos that I have just liked.

It Also Works on Icons

Now I will say it not only works on that to find them there, but you could also go to And let’s do the same again search winter. Hit, enter and choose free. It’s already chosen free. It already knows because I’m cheap and there it is free. That’s a nice one. And I like this little one here, a little stocking, so cute. So cool. Now again, if I go back to my design, I refresh the page and go back to my “Likes”. But, uh, and there they are.

Screen Record

So anyway, just been testing out this new feature that I have, which is a screen record. You can record yourself. If you go to uploads and record yourself, it’s right underneath the purple button that says upload media, you can do it with, or without the camera up at, at 10:47 at night, I opted to not have the camera on and you’re welcome.

So if you need me to do any tutorial, maybe you’re getting stuck with something in Canva. Feel free to reach out to me. And I can do a quick tutorial, just like. Just for you until next time. I’m Thea saying, see ya.

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