First Wednesday Networking in Glasgow – 1st Event Nov 7 2018

First Wednesday Glasgow Networking

First Wednesday Networking in Glasgow at the Village Hotel 9:30amFirst Wednesday Networking in Glasgow

Here we are three years later from when I resurrected Southsiders in Business after an 18-month hiatus, and I find myself doing the same thing again. Is that the definition of insanity?

For the last three years, Southsiders has been run at the Village Hotel in Glasgow from 9:30am.

It’s a free, informal, unstructured event that takes place on the first Wednesday of each month. You basically grab yourself a tea or coffee and stroll in and start chatting.

After re-launching the event three years ago, I stepped away from it, and it changed hands a few times, before whimpering to its death…last month.

New Name in Networking

Now, just three years (and one week) after its resuscitation, I have set about plans to relaunch it with a new name – First Wednesday Networking in Glasgow.

It will be the same relaxed event, at the same place and time. In addition to the name change, the difference is that this time, I’ve enlisted the skills of a fellow networker, and friend, Farah Hussain to facilitate introductions with me.

Some people are very new to the whole networking thing (and indeed business too), so we understand how daunting it can be to try new things and meet new people.

Each event, Farah and myself will greet newcomers, have a chat with them, and introduce them to others to get the ball rolling. It’ll be up to them to take it from there!

First Wednesday Glasgow FB Group & RSVP Option

If you are in business in Glasgow, or work for one, and would like to network with like minded people, then please feel free to join our “Closed” First Wednesday Facebook group. I’ll be sharing tips about business, networking, and posts where people can promote their business, or social media links.

For those who like a wee reminder of their upcoming events, we have a First Wednesday Eventbrite created.

Again, registering is totally optional, it can just be handy when you get the reminder for those events

Hope to see some of you there at the launch of First Wednesday – November 7, 2018 from 9:30 am at the Village Hotel Glasgow.

Will be giving one of these away to a lucky attendee! Or if you want one to wear at the event then pick up a First Wednesday tshirt on Amazon now.


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