Five Minute Firesides with Founders 1: Cindy Minear of A Book Creator

Cindy Minear founder of Aududu Book Creator

Firesides with Founders – (POD) Cindy Minear

UPDATED JUNE 2024: Welcome to a new series of short chats with founders where I’ll get industry professionals to share their stories and some tips and advice for their industry. This will likely be POD (aka Print on Demand), Canva and other SMEs – all with a view to providing valuable information to my readers.

First up in my series is Aududu (now simply) A Book Creator‘s founder Cindy Minear. I have been using ABC since the summer of 2021. I have created some of my top-selling books using her software, so she was one of the first founders I approached. As I actually like and recommend this software, regularly, I’ve arranged a special link for you to try it FREE for three days! (The link is at the end of this post!)

Ready? Let’s go!

Where are you based?

Southern California.

Tell us about your background.

My background is in Software Engineering. I spent 13 years working on the International Space Station program before “retiring” after becoming pregnant with high-risk mono-amniotic twins. I knew I wanted to stay at home with my children, but I also wanted to do something to bring in extra money for my family. A few years after the twins were born, I started a twins themed business that sold scrapbooking supplies. Through this business I discovered the world of print on demand.

How/when did your Print on Demand journey begin? 

I started off selling twins themed t-shirts, hats, and mugs on CafePress. When Zazzle launched their business back in 2005, I was recruited to sell on their platform. I eventually added POD products directly to my website through Printful, created an Etsy store, and started selling on Merch by Amazon. It was through online Merch groups that I discovered KDP. I became frustrated by how long it was taking me to create books and had the idea to write software to help speed up the process. I thought others could benefit from this software and A Book Creator was born.

What inspired you to create your business?

I was inspired to create my business so people would have a way to quickly create quality books that sell. I learned the hard way that uploading tons of blank-lined notebooks wasn’t going to make me tons of money, despite what others would have you believe.

If you want to be successful in this business you need to create quality books that provide value to your target audience. After seeing what didn’t work and then creating books that sell well, I started offering courses and challenges to help others learn how to create a successful KDP business and designing tools to make creating quality books faster and easier.

What’s your most/least favourite aspect of creating products?

My favorite part of creating books is sitting down and figuring out what my target audience needs in a book. Being able to create something that helps people reach their goals and be successful in whatever they do is what drives me to produce better and better books. My least favorite aspect is creating the actual listing and waiting for my uploaded files to process on KDP. But, it is all worth it when your book gets published and you start to see sells coming in!

Try a book creator now for all kinds of activity booksYour elevator pitch:

My goal is to provide ABC’s members with tools and strategies that make it easy for them to create unique books that their target audience will love. Whether you are brand new to KDP publishing or looking for a faster way to create books, you’ll find what you need at A Book Creator. We offer courses to help you create books that sell and tools to help you quickly create planners, journals, logbooks, puzzle books, and activity books.

Have you got any tips, tools (other than your own) or resources you recommend?

Tip #1: Start with what you know! Create books targeted to niches you are a part of or know a lot about.

Tip#2: Niche down to get found! Go down several levels when you are picking a target audience, for example preschool mom that knit.

Tip#3: Build a brand! Collect fans in your niches that will buy every book you create for that target audience.

Where can people find out more about you? (Eg. website, social or store links etc.)

You can get in touch with me via the A Book Creator website or via my Youtube channel.

What can you do with ABC? Watch this!

In summary

Special thanks to Cindy Minear from A Book Creator for taking part in my first-ever interview of the series. As I mentioned before, I started using her software in 2021. I signed up after we met on Clubhouse. I liked her, how helpful she is, and even though I have other tools I could use to make word searches, her’s is my go-to choice!  You can grab a full year, with a discount and lock in for life.

NOTE: If I were you, I’d have all the content ready to make your book BEFORE taking out your free trial. Once you’ve done one successfully, you can go on to do many! Good luck.

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PS: Oh and before you go, please take a look at my links page for all my fave tools and resources…

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