New Free Design Tool Kittl vs Canva

New Free Design Tool Kittl -

New Free Design Tool Kittl vs Canva

Update: Aug 2023 Hey everyone, I’m back with a red-hot tip on an incredible graphic design tool: Kittl (formerly known as Heritage Designer). Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Kittl after tuning into a tutorial on Zen Watercooler’s channel, which is a resource I frequently recommend. If you’re subscribed to my brand-new newsletter, this name might already ring a bell—it was the second tool I ever recommended!

As someone who lives and breathes new creativity tips, tools, and tutorials, I couldn’t resist and immediately signed up using Zen’s link. Now, I’m completely hooked!

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In this post, I’m going to dive into what Kittl is all about. I’ll shed light on what it can and can’t do, and draw some comparisons between Kittl and Canva. Today’s overview won’t be exhaustive—but it will give you a solid introduction to the various features both of these design tools have to offer. I can confidently predict that this is only the first of many blog posts I’ll be crafting about Kittl. To say I’m smitten with this tool would be a major understatement.

Looking for an intuitive, user-friendly graphic design tool? Searching for ‘Kittl’ on Google might just lead you to your new favourite resource!

So What is Kittl?

Kittl is a browser-based template designer, boasting thousands of editable templates. Being cloud and browser-based means there’s no software to install – a convenient feature that many of us appreciate. Yes, this does sound remarkably similar to Canva, which was one of the main reasons I decided to sign up. One of my primary motives for giving it a test drive was to see how the two platforms compare.

How does Kittl compare to CanvaHow are Canva and Kittl Similar?

  • Like Canva, Kittl offers thousands of professionally-designed templates. (For context, Canva has over 250,000 FREE templates and more than 420 thousand on PRO – but it’s been around for many more years, so that volume of templates is to be expected!)
  • Both tools enable you to quickly and easily create graphics for various uses, including social media, invitations, t-shirts, mugs & merch, cards, labels, posters, etc.
  • Prefer to start from a blank slate? No problem. Both tools allow you to bypass the templates and initiate projects from scratch.
  • Both platforms empower you to build designs using text and elements from their extensive libraries.
  • You have the flexibility to choose from a set template size or custom dimensions in both programs.
  • Designer-wise: Kittl and Canva both have template designers that you can follow. You can “heart” individual designs in Kittl or “star” them in Canva. Unique to Kittl, you can also comment on individual templates.
  • Being cloud-based platforms, neither Kittl nor Canva requires additional software installation, and both services save and store your designs automatically.
  • Kittl is currently web-only, making it best suited for use on a laptop or desktop. In contrast, Canva offers desktop apps (PC/Mac), mobile apps, and browser access.
  • It’s wise (and possible) to name your designs in both tools. (A personal note: “I’ve been using Canva for over 8 years, and I now have thousands of designs with less-than-ideal names. I’m making sure not to repeat that mistake with Kittl!”)
  • Discovering latest template designs: Kittl has its own newsfeed and Canva has ‘Discover Templates’.
  • You can upload your own fonts – in both programs – if you’re on a Pro account.

Let’s Talk About Text, Baby…

Canva and Kittl Text Options and shortcut Letter TYou can do cool things to your text in both programs – e.g. shadow, curve, hollow etc.

However in Kittl, the text effects are out-of-this-world-awesome. By that, I mean you can do cool customisation – distort, transform, angle, rise, wave, flag, arch – as well as add different styles of shading and decoration.
If you like textures, these can be added easily to both your fonts and over all designs (eg. the backgrounds).

And man, don’t even get me started on the ligatures and glyphs*. All this makes Kittl, well, pretty mind-blowing.

Kittl has amazing fonts and customisation features - that are awesome.

To be honest with you, I am still getting the hang of transforming text, and am not so good at it…

Anyone with an Adobe background, or some of the other higher end tools, will no doubt find these text customisation options a breeze (e.g. simple and fast!) I can be a little, um, slow

So while you can do some neat effects in Canva (curve, shadow, hollow et al), you don’t have the same sorts of control and customisation that you do in Kittl. Well, you can do most things in Canva, if you find a ‘work around’…it’s just going to be a bit more time consuming as a guess.

Point to Kittl for this round (for now, at least).

Membership Options

Both tools operate under freemium models – which means they each have FREE memberships and PRO memberships. 

Kittl has free, pro and expert membership subscriptions

A Bit About Kittl’s Subscription Prices

Kittl has one addition to their Free and Pro memberships, called “Expert” membership. (Kittle Memberships are here).

KITTL Free: A free account gives you 10 projects to work on. The FREE account won’t really suit you if you’re trying to do t-shirts and merch. It will be suitable for your everyday web and social graphics. Plus if you want to get more projects, you simply need to use your “invite friends” link and when each person signs up, you get another free project. This referral ability gives Kittl a sort of gamification angle – which I’ll save that for another post. (There’s more than just “free projects”).

Kittl Pro: membership seems like it would make the most sense for those creatives who want to use it to design t-shirts, mugs, books etc each month (up to 50 projects).

Kittl Expert: is going to be the best option for the hardcore designers out there, that need more space and unlimited projects.

Which one makes sense to you?

Why not use my link and grab yourself 3 months of Pro for Free?

Canva’s Memberships

Canva pricing levels - free, pro, enterprise and non profits

Canva has a few different membership types: Free, Pro Enterprise as well as non-profits and education options. You can find all the various options and features on the Canva Pricing page. Also, if you fancy a FREE, 45-Day Canva Pro test drive, please use my special affiliate link.

A few ways that they are different

As I already mentioned, compared to Kittl, Canva has way more templates and indeed doc types and styles, but it’s been going for many more years, so that’s only to be expected.

The templates on Kittl, at least at the point of recording this tutorial are more intricate by comparison. Many, to me, seem a little more, well, professional overall. 

In both cases, you can sort of tell the templates apart if you were compare Canva templates to Kittl templates and that’s a good thing. For example let’s compare the basic logo templates on each.

Canva vs Kittl - Comparing Logo Templates

To be fair I could chose to filter Kittl’s logos and select “minimal” under filters and then they would then be more similar.

At this moment, you can do much more in Canva…

For example: you can save your brand kit in Canva (even on the FREE version, you can save three branding colours. With Pro, you can have multiple brand kits).

I did hear that’s coming to Kittl which will be a welcome relief, as I’ve now done about twenty five designs in Kittl and having to manually add my brand colours each time is, well a pain.

I mentioned doc types earlier. In Canva, you can create presentations, quick animations – by animating text, images or even by adding memes, and videos.

In Kittl, they have sections for logos, labels, t-shirts, posters and cards.

That’s not to say you can’t do other doc types, for example a book cover or perhaps a business card, those options I mentioned are just the ones they highlight. (You could always choose “custom size” as I stated above.)

Which is better – Canva or Kittl?

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a clear answer to this one, because it depends on what you’re using each tool for. It’s raspberries and strawberries – both berries but very different types!

When it comes to creating awesome text effects fast, for me Kittl wins. The same goes for t-shirts, I think.

If it is a presentation, a video, a book and so forth, then it would be Canva without a shadow of a doubt.

For me, personally, I have been using them both, interchangeably, all day ever since I joined Kittl. 

Do you like FREE things? Go ahead and sign up now using my link and get three months of Kittl Pro – no CC required!

As always, if you want to try Canva Pro for 45 days, there too, I got you covered there too (just use my special Canva Experts affiliate link and you get an extra two weeks!)

*As a non-designer, I had to google what those even were.

Before you go…

I sure hope you like the look of this new free design tool Kittl…As you can tell, I sure dig it. If you are a creative into learning about new tips, tools and tutorials be sure to sign up for my free newsletter – “Thea’s One Thing”. It’s just me sharing ONE special link every Thursday. Also, swing on by my ever-expanding links page for a few dozen tools, apps, sites, resources for businesses and creative types.

Get started today by watching this short tutorial…

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