Frequently Asked Questions About Essens

Frequently Asked Questions about Essens by Thea Newcomb

Delving Into Essens: Some Frequently Asked Questions…

UPDATED 2022: I have nothing to do with Essens. I just bought the starter kit and made a few orders. I do know people who are if you want to order some.

Kicking off quarter four of 2019, here in the UK, my social media feeds have been clogging up with photos of Essens Perfumes Sample Wallets. Each week someone else I know has jumped on this new MLM bandwagon.

The first person I heard talking about the Essens opportunity was my friend Claire in Ayrshire. I will admit I was dubious. I am generally not a fan of MLMs and direct marketing, but there were a few things I immediately liked about them.

1) though the company sells a lot of products their fragrances (perfumes and aftershaves) are the main ones being marketed (& hey, I love perfume!) But perhaps what truly intrigued me was that…

2) it’s free to join. This is the first time I’ve ever heard that. No outlay at all required!!

Having tried a handful of multi-level marketing companies over the last five years (makeup, aromatherapy, greeting cards, candles…), I do still remain skeptical about the whole network marketing lark. So the only thing to do was to do was a bit of research. So let’s start here…

“What is Essens?”

From the Direct Selling Association website:

“ESSENS is currently one of the most dynamic MLM companies in Europe, was established in Autumn 2011 in Czech Republic, based on the cooperation with professionals in network marketing and leading experts in the field of development and production of cosmetics and food supplements.”

Ok so it has a bit of a track record…that’s good.

“Is Essens a Pyramid Scheme?”

I can answer that one, categorically, “No!” But I can see why you might ask. It’s the same criticism just about every direct sales company out there does seem to get levelled against them.

Truth be told pyramid schemes are illegal.

Instead of me trying to explain the difference between MLMs and Pyramid Schemes – watch this short video I just stumbled upon on Youtube. It’ll do better than I could.


“What fragrances are on the Essens perfume list?”

You may be looking for the current perfume list. It seems to be the case the Essens adds and removes perfumes regularly – to keep it fresh. Because of its “inspired by” nature it’s illegal to share the fragrance list publicly (though I did see a few lists when I just Googled). It’s also shared on a multitude of Facebook groups and can be emailed or messaged to you as a PDF or PNG if you’d like.

“Are Essens Perfumes Fakes?”

This one comes up a lot. Essens doesn’t sell fakes or copies. It doesn’t pretend to be anything or anyone else. The packing is Essens. The names of the scents are just numerical codes. The only reason people assume they’re “fakes” is because all Essens perfumes are inspired by the top perfumes of the world.

A lot of the big brand perfume designers source their ingredients (eg. essential oils) from the same company as Essens. Essens fragrances is graded higher, that means your scent should actually last longer than say, an eau de toilette.

These fragrances are not imitations – as those are designed to “fool” people. Copy cat fragrances usually spend a lot of time trying to mimic a brand’s packaging, bottles and so forth – and usually smell nothing like the original!

Essens are simply “inspired by” those big brands but all the products are originals. They are not exactly the same, but they do smell the same!

Essens puts the finished product in its own bottles with their own logo on it.

From their website:

“We guarantee that every perfume product contains at least 20% of the fragrance essences (essential oils), exclusively provided by SELUZ company, which is one of the front producers of private brand. This guarantees an esteemed position with the elites among perfumes.”

Essens Cruelty Free Perfume and Cosmetics

“Is Essens Perfume Cruelty Free?”

Another common question I see on some of the Facebook groups, is asking about perfumes and if they are tested on animals.

The answer is no, they are not tested on animals.

You can read more about this and the certification process on their site.

That’s just a few of the questions I’ve seen people asking about the company.

Ok now, do you want to join Essens?

Remember it’s free to join Essens whether you want to just buy for yourself and your family and friends or want to run it as your own sidehustle.

What have you got to lose? Remember it’s FREE!

You don’t have to buy a perfume sample wallet, but you can for just twenty six pounds. That makes it the cheapest MLM I’ve seen yet. Imagine being able to start a business with no money outlay.

How much you’ll actually make will depend on you though. If you’re getting into to make a quick buck (pound), I’d suggest that you don’t bother. From my experience over the last five years or so – very few make real money at it.

In Conclusion

It’s not for everyone but I do know associates who are selling it and love the business and its model. It wasn’t for me but to each their own. I personally would rather grow my own business than someone else’s now. Are you selling Essens products? Let me know your experience!


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