Full Day, Basic WordPress Training

Full Day of Basic Wordpress Training in Glasgow

Basic WordPress Training

Update Feb 2022 for content, links and images. Please note that though I’m no longer teaching the Basic WordPress Training, do have an associate who can help if you need it.

This post has updated as everything has changed. At the time of writing it orginally, I was leaving NSDesign to launch a WordPress Training business. Honestly, no idea what would have possessed me. In any event I still work with NSDesign. It’s been over a dozen years now. Working with Gary helped me to acquire tons of skills and confidence to go out on my own. I am grateful. He has truly changed my life and not a lot of people can say that. So I did leave NS to start to do Basics of WordPress training but it didn’t spark joy for me.

Newcomb’s New Co

It’s not easy to launch a company that has a USP in this day and age – especially when it comes to things like digital Media – development and training. As there are so many wonderfully-talented firms and individuals, (including NSDesign) around Glasgow and the west, I’ve had to work hard to find my niche in this area, and I think I have.

Canva Training

Since around the end of 2016, I have been delivering 1:1, group and staff Canva training. Before the pandemic it was usually half-day workshops around Scotland but now it’s all online and global.

Before you go, please feel free to swing on by my Links page – which has tons of tools, resources, freebies and extended trials.

If you need WordPress Training, please reach out to Jay Taylor at Taylormade Digital

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