Fun Canva Shortcuts To Try On Your Next Presentation

Try these Fun Canva Shortcuts During your next presentation

Fun Canva Shortcuts to Try in Presentations

Hey everyone, this is just a super quick post about some fun Canva shortcuts to try during your next Canva Presentation. These will only work in present mode (which you can find under Share, by the way). Some have been around for quite a while, and I’ve been using them for a few years, whilst others are brand new into the mix.

Canva Shortcut Letter C - rains down confettiLetter C

If you are in present mode and you hit the letter C – your screen will be awash with confetti. It’s a celebratory shortcut that’s bound to make your audience smile.

Canva shortcut letter D - drum roll pleaseLetter D

Hitting the letter D during your presentation will cause a drum roll to appear on screen – complete with sound (if your system is hooked up to sound). I notice when I do these during my Canva webinars the punters can’t hear the sound but they can see it and get the gist.

Canva shortcuts - Letter Q brings SHHHHHH upLetter Q

Want people to shut the hell up? Press Q to make the “Shhhhhh” sound. It feature a wee finger across the mouth in the universal sign of “be quiet now”.

Canva shortcuts Letter B brings a blur to your screenLetter B

Need to blur your slide? The Letter B will do the trick and cause that one slide to be blurred.

Letter O

If floating bubbles are your thing, then the Letter O will be the fun Canva shortcut for you. Bubbles will rise up in a Willy Wonka type fashion.

Canva Shortcut Letter U brings up red closing curtain

Letter U

One of the New Kids on the Block (no not that New Kids) is the Letter U which will close some red curtains across your screen to end your show. If you want them to open back up again, you’ll need to hit U again.

Canva shortcuts Letter M - is a total Mic DropLetter M

Saving the last, and arguably the best of the fun Canva shortcuts – a letter M brings up a hand holding a mic and letting go in true “mic drop” fashion. What a blast.

Canva Shortcut Number brings up a clock countdown


Choose a number between one and 9 and you’ll get a clock countdown. I use this one at the start of every webinar I do to give people 5 minutes to arrive. People seem to enjoy it and the wee yellow duckie that occasionally goes floating by.

In Summary

I hope you found these fun Canva shortcuts interesting and that you try them on your next presentation. They’re available to all users now. If you liked this then check out my fave Canva Shortcuts here.

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